‘Superstore’: Dina Helps Amy Keep a Secret from Jonah

On April 23, the season finale of Superstore, “California Part 1,” aired on NBC. While the episode was not originally intended to be the fifth season’s finale, “California Part 1” managed to both complete the season while leading into Season 6 of Superstore the way a finale should.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 5 Episode 21 of Superstore.]

America Ferrera as Amy, Lauren Ash as Dina | Casey Durkin/NBC)

Dina knows about Amy’s job interview in ‘Superstore’

The Superstore episode opens with Dina revealing that she knows Amy is up for a job at Zephra since she was called to provide a reference for Amy. When Dina asks if Amy plans to move to California with Jonah, Amy admits she has not even told Jonah about the interview yet.

Amy tells Jonah she has an eye doctor appointment, and she asks Dina to cover for her. Dina agrees to help, but she immediately makes Jonah suspicious due to the fact she comes up with incredibly specific details about the fake eye doctor appointment.

Jonah confronts Dina about where Amy actually is, and Dina says she is at a saxophone lesson. Dina then avoids Jonah by hiding in her truck until Amy returns from the interview.

Glenn tries to convince Sandra to adopt his former foster child

At the beginning of the episode, Justine and Sayid ask Sandra about her new marriage with Jerry. Sayid asks when Sandra and Jerry plan to have kids, and Sandra says that they plan to adopt instead of having biological children.

Glenn overhears and he decides to introduce Sandra to Tony, one of his original foster kids. Sandra hesitates, but Glenn pushes for all of them to have lunch together to see if Sandra and Tony can bond. He then arranges for Tony to stay with Sandra and Jerry even though Sandra is still undecided.

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Sandra tells Glenn she needs to talk to Jerry first, but when she calls Jerry, he is apparently fine with adopting Tony. Because Tony has three pet sharks, Sandra tells him they could fit his aquarium in the kitchen by taking out their oven.

Amy gets the job with Zephra in ‘Superstore’

At the interview, Amy realizes Zephra is only interviewing Latina women for the role. At first, Amy plays along with what she knows Zephra is looking for, but she ends up calling out the people interviewing her.

“I’m qualified for this job because I have 17 years of experience, and I know everything there is to know about our customers” she says. “But if all you’re looking for is somebody with a spicy last name then I suggest you keep looking.”

Back at Cloud 9, Jonah and Amy discuss the interview, as Jonah feels weird Amy felt the need to hide it from him. Zephra then calls and offers Amy the job, and Amy decides she wants to take it. This disappoints Jonah at first, but Dina talks him into being supportive. At the end of the episode, he offers to move to California to be with her, and they kiss.

“To be continued…” then appears onscreen, concluding the fifth season of Superstore.