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Taylor Swift loves it when Jameela Jamil, who currently stars in NBC’s The Good Place, “speaks about body image” but for a surprising reason. Ahead, learn why the “Lover” singer enjoys it when Jamil addresses body image and beauty standards.

Who is Jameela Jamil? 

The Good Place is technically Jamil’s first acting role — the popular sitcom will conclude after four seasons on Jan. 30 — but the 33-year-old has worked in the entertainment industry for years.

Jamil previously worked as a presenter in the United Kingdom hosting the Channel 4 morning show, Freshly Squeezed, and at one time hosted the BBC Radio 1 program, The Official Chart. In 2016, Jamil began starring in The Good Place as one of the main cast members along with Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, D’Arcy Carden, and William Jackson Harper. 

Aside from her acting work, Jamil is known for championing causes close to her heart especially body image — the actress has been open about having an eating disorder and body dysmorphia — and how those in the public eye can help combat the issue. Jamil’s often called out celebrities such as the Kardashians, for their weight-loss ads. 

Jamil and Swift have shown love for each other before

On numerous occasions, Jamil and Swift have supported each other publicly. At the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, Jamil gave Swift her award for Woman of the Decade calling her “a superstar.” Prior to that, Swift commended Jamil for being among the “amazing women” spreading “body neutrality.” 

Swift says Jamil ‘speaks in a hook’ about body image

In a Jan. 2020 interview with Variety, Swift highlighted Jamil again for addressing body image and how her words bring the singer-songwriter a sense of calm. 

“I love people like Jameela Jamil, because he way she speaks about body image, it’s almost like she speaks in a hook,” Swift said. “Women are held to such a ridiculous standard of beauty, and we’re seeing so much on social media that makes us feel like we are less than, or we’re not what we should be, that you kind of need a mantra to repeat in your head when you start to have unhealthy thoughts. I swear the way Jameela speaks is like lyrics — it gets stuck in my head and it calms me down.”

Taylor Swift and Jameela Jamil at Billboard Women In Music 2019 on Dec. 12, 2019
Taylor Swift and Jameela Jamil at Billboard Women In Music 2019 on Dec. 12, 2019 | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Billboard

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This wasn’t the first time Swift talked about Jamil and what her words have done for her. In Swift’s interview as one of People Magazine’s People of the Year, the 10-time Grammy winner mentioned Jamil again saying she turns to the actress’s words as a form of stress relief.

“Whenever I feel stress-y about things, I’ll just read some of Jameela Jamil’s quotes about body image and health and normal body weight,” Swift said.

In the same interview, Swift revealed her mother Andrea had been diagnosed with a brain tumor when undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She said “it’s just been a really hard time for us as a family,” noting her close relationship with her mother.