‘Survivor 39’ Elaine Stott and Karishma Patel Detail Hilarious Unseen Moment in Ponderosa

Fan-favorite Survivor: Island of the Idols contestant Elaine Stott became the eighth castaway to join the jury after she narrowly lost the immunity challenge. In Ponderosa, she admitted failing was “soul-crushing” and shared a hilarious unseen moment between herself and Karishma Patel while they were on the island.

Elaine Stott
Elaine Stott and Jeff Probst | CBS

‘Survivor 39’ Elaine Stott reflected on her elimination with Dr. Joe Rowles

After host Jeff Probst snuffed Elaine Stott’s torch, she explained she knew she had to win the immunity challenge or “it was a wrap.” However, she doesn’t have “hard feelings” towards those who voted her off the island because she would’ve voted herself out “day one.”

When talking to Dr. Joe Rowles, Stott claimed the experience was easier physically than she thought and could have won if she didn’t “make a little mistake.”

Rowles asked the factory worker what she would change if she returned, and Stott said she would “tone her personality down” because she’s “too great, and it’s a curse.”

The Kentucky native elaborated in a confessional, explaining her strategy was to get people to like her so the “relationships could carry her.” While Stott acknowledged it worked for 35 days, she said she only “needed four more.”  

‘Survivor 39’ Elaine Stott didn’t know if Missy Byrd or Aaron Meredith forgave her

When Stott came to Ponderosa, she thought she was entering “hostile territory” from Missy Byrd or Aaron Meredith because she spearheaded the blindsided on Byrd.

Kellee Kim was the first to hug Stott, followed by Karishma Patel, who claimed everyone received the factory worker well because “she connects with everyone on a personal level.”

She also said the other jurors were rooting for Stott because she and Dean Kowalski were the only two old Lairo members standing. Only seconds after admiring her 24-pound weight loss and grown-out eyebrows, the factory worker quickly brought up her immunity challenge loss.

In a confessional, Patel explained Stott needed to “learn to forgive herself” and “let the experience enhance her as much as the money could have.”

‘Survivor 39’ Elaine Stott and Karishma Patel detail unseen moment on the island

Stott and Patel sat next to each other in a confessional and described a time on the island where Stott chased her around with a dead coral snake. According to Patel, Stott spotted the snake and “grabbed a machete without a single beat of hesitation.”

The factory worker apparently picked the snake up on a stick, laid it on a raft, and dismembered it with the machete. Then, Stott chased Patel around the island with the body of the snake, causing the personal injury lawyer to “lose her mind.”

‘Survivor 39’ Elaine Stott admitted losing is “soul crushing”

The factory worker said the loss was painful for her because she was so close to the million dollars. Because she “takes on a lot of responsibility” from her loved ones, Stott admitted losing was “soul crushing” as she wanted to change their lives.

When she first came to Ponderosa, the factory worker said she “figured out things that are more important than the money” but never elaborated on what those things were.

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