‘Survivor 39’ Jack Nichting Opened up About Trying to ‘Figure out’ How the Death of His Father Impacted Him

Had Kellee Kim not been on to Jack Nichting so early, he could have made it very far in Survivor 39: Island of the Idols. The graduate student had a close alliance with Janet Carbin and Jamal Shipman, and he was on good terms with Noura Salman and Kim.

Additionally, if Nichting made it to the merge, not only would he have been well-connected, but there is a possibility that he would win several individual immunity challenges.

Kim noticed how “empathetic” and “super fun” Nichting was, and decided to cleverly use her idol to get him off the island with no blood on her hands. In his Ponderosa elimination video, Nichting checked his weight and finally saw what he looks like after living 19 days on the island.

Jack Nichting
Jack Nichting | Robert Voets

Noting that the extreme hunger took a “mental toll” on him, the graduate student immediately took part in a three-course meal, and then enjoyed a bungalow to himself.

The next morning, Nichting opened up about the death of his father and explained he wants to figure out how the passing affected him.

Jack Nichting became the first ‘Survivor 39’ Jury member

As part of the majority on the Lairo tribe, Nichting didn’t fear getting voted off the island after his team lost yet another immunity challenge. However, Kellee Kim wanted to make a big move by using her idol for the last possible time.

Therefore, she gave it to Dean Kowalski, her close ally, and the competitor everyone already discussed unanimously voting off the island. Wanting to break up the powerful alliance between Nichting and Jamal Shipman, Kim told Kowalski to write down the graduate student’s name.

She also pulled Noura Salman in the plan and had her vote to eliminate Nichting as well. Everything went as planned, including flushing Shipman’s idol out as a bonus, and unfortunately, Nichting became the first member of the Jury.

Even though his quest for the Sole Survivor title was cut short, he “made the milestone he wanted to make” because he can continue to be a part of the game.

Additionally, he looks forward to being a “positive person” to comfort the next player who will join him in Ponderosa.

Jack Nichting’s first meal after exiting ‘Survivor 39: Island of the Idols’

After lasting 19 days in the game, Nichting lost 12 pounds, causing his abs to look “popping.” He immediately began putting back on some of the weight as he tried to stuff down a beef burger with fries, Meat Lovers’ pizza, two bowls of ice cream, and a beer.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t finish everything, although he made sure to take extra sweets and candy with him to bed.

Jack Nichting wants to deal with his father’s death at Ponderosa

Once he finished his french toast the following morning, Nichting opened up about the passing of his father six years ago. He admitted that he hasn’t put his finger on how the death has “truly impacted” him as of yet.

However, the graduate student noted that he wanted to “figure it out” so he can become a “better person” from it.