‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’: The Most Likely Fan Theories To Happen on Tonight’s Episode — And a Few Ridiculously Unlikely Ideas

We are heading into episode 4 of Survivor 40: Winners at War and anything can happen. Last week, Ethan Zohn was blindsided, and fans were outraged. Let’s take a look at the fan theories that could happen in week 4, and those that probably won’t.

Survivor 40 Tribal Council
Survivor 40 Tribal Council with Jeff Probst | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Who will get the 4th fire token on Edge of Extinction tonight on ‘Survivor 40: Winners at War?’

In the very first tribal council, Natalie Anderson was sent to the Edge of Extinction, where she was given a clue to a hidden immunity idol. She quickly found the idol and sent it to Sandra Diaz-Twine to purchase from her for one fire token. Of course, Sandra did not hesitate to send her only fire token to Natalie and keep the idol for herself.

With the addition of Amber Mariano and then Danni Boatwright to the EoE, things became a bit more difficult for Natalie to find advantages to the game without the other players seeing. However, the athletic Crossfit Trainer found and sold the next two items to players still in the game, as well. 

“Natalie will get her 4th fire token,” one fan predicts on Twitter.

The number of people that agree that Natalie will continue to dominate the EoE is overwhelming. Many call her a rockstar and hope she gets back into the game. 

Who will be sent to Edge of Extinction on episode 4 of ‘Survivor 40: Winners at War?’

Many viewers believe that Dakal will win immunity in the challenge again. Sele cannot get it together. Fans also think it’s not time for the tribe swap, yet. There are a few different theories about who might go to EoE tonight.

“Adam, Ben, and Denise finally vote for Rob, but it’s too late because Michele and Jeremy team up with Rob and Parvati,” tweeted one fan. “Adam is voted out 4-3 and gives Denise a fire token.”

The majority of fans feel that Adam Klein is the most likely person voted out. However, the trailer for tonight makes viewers think that it’s Adam, so it’s probably not.


Other viewers feel it’s time for Sele to win a challenge, and Dakal will head to tribal council to vote someone out.

“Sandra wants Tyson out,” wrote one fan on Reddit. “Sandra teams up with Tony and Sarah on her side, and speaks with Kim also — after all; she was left out the last time Dakal was in tribal. But Kim goes to Sophie with this information because she wants to prove she can be a trustworthy ally.” 

“So, now, it is Tyson, Kim, Sophie, Yul, Nick, and Wendell gunning for Sandra,” the viewer continues. “Except Yul doesn’t actually want Sandra out just yet. He manages to convince others to go for Sandra’s ally. Sarah gets Ethan’d and goes to Edge without having the opportunity to use her Steal-A-Vote advantage.”

Several viewers agree that if Dakal ends up at tribal council, it will be Sarah Lacina that goes home.

Some fans have unique theories regarding episode 4 of Survivor 40: Winners at War

“They split the remaining castaways into four tribes of 4, and bring the EoE players back to create a fifth tribe,” tweeted one fan. “This is beyond crazy, but I would love to see it.”

Jeff Probst and the Survivor producers often mix the tribes up; however, five tribes might be a bit much. If the players are back in from the EoE already, we will have a lot more tribals to account for. 


“Both tribes are going to tribal,” added another fan. “Adam and Sophie are getting the boot.”

The other theory that fans do not seem to like is that both tribes must vote someone out. This idea was downvoted on Reddit but might happen. We’ll find out tonight if any of these fan theories are correct.

Survivor 40: Winners at War is on CBS at 8 pm ET on Wednesday evenings.