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We are heading into episode 8 of Survivor 40: Winners at War, and anything can happen. Last week, Yul Kwon was blindsided, and fans were outraged. Let’s take a look at the fan theories that could happen in week 8, and those that probably won’t.

Survivor 40 The Merge
Kim Spradlin, Jeremy Collins, Sophie Clarke, Adam Klein, Ben Driebergen, Michele Fitzgerald, Denise Stapley and Tony Vlachos | Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

Who will come back from the Edge of Extinction tonight on ‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’?

The majority of fans believe that Tyson Apostol is the Edge of Extinction returnee in episode 8 of Winners at War

“Natalie [Anderson] and Rob [Mariano] use their tokens to buy as many advantages as possible, but still lose a close challenge to Tyson who is high on peanut butter,” wrote one fan on Reddit.

Tyson used his first fire token to buy a massive jar of peanut butter but then found another fire token on episode 7. Fans feel the extra energy helps him to get back into the game.

“Tyson joins the [Nick Wilson], Wendell [Holland], and Michele [Fitzgerald] group but the split is a bit irrelevant this week as Adam [Klein] gets unanimously (except his vote) sent to Edge,” added another player who agrees that Tyson returns to the game. 

Fans who analyze the editing that producers do weekly think that Tyson’s peanut butter is highlighted so much because he makes it off of the Edge. 

Who will receive individual immunity on tonight’s episode of ‘Winners at War’?

“The preview/press photos show two Immunity Idol necklaces,” wrote one viewer. “So, I am guessing whoever comes from EoE has been given some extra wiggle room provided he can come up in the top two.”

Fans are excited to see that two castaways could get immunity tonight. However, they are unsure who might get it. A few fans comment that Tony Vlachos will win the challenge; however, others think it’s Kim Spradlin-Wolfe.

“Tyson returns from Edge,” added another fan. “Kim wins immunity raising her threat level unintentionally. “Tony, Kim, Jeremy [Collins], Denise [Stapley], Sarah [Lacina], Sophie [Clarke], Ben [Driebergen], and Tyson vote out easy target — Adam.

Could two players come back from the Edge of Extinction tonight on ‘Survivor 40’?

“I think we’ll see TWO players return from EoE,” one Redditor wrote. “Tyson and probably Rob. Rob will buy himself some sort of advantage! Tyson and Rob will try to work together with Tony and his alliance and they’ll be gunning for Lil’ Adam. It won’t work because Sophie and her alliance of Sarah, Ben, Kim, Jeremy, Denise, Tony and Adam will be shooting their shot at Wendell! See you, Wendy!”

Fans upvoted this idea on the Reddit discussion board, so they do love it but might not think it is probable. In preview for tonight’s episode, Jeff Probst says we are about to have one more player added to the game. However, we know from the past that the previews do not always show us everything.

Who will get voted out on episode 8 of ‘Survivor: Winners at War’?

“Who gets voted out? Wendell or Adam,” one fan commented. “Both of their negative edits have been building up for a few episodes. The climax might be now for one of those two. I’d guess Wendell gets voted out first.”

Many other fans agree that Adam or Wendell is the first to be sent to the Edge of Extinction after the merge. Find out what happens tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS on Survivor 40: Winners at War.

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