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We are going into episode 5 tonight on Survivor 40, and things are turned upside-down. It’s time for a good old fashioned tribe swap. Jeff Probst loves to mix things up.

Fans have analyzed the preview for tonight and come up with what they believe is a solid lineup of who ends up with who. Let’s take a look at the fan predictions for the tribe swap and what they mean for your favorite players

Survivor 40 Tribe Swap
‘Survivor 40’ Contestants | Timothy Kuratek/CBS via Getty Images

The first tribe formed after the swap includes Wendell, Michele, Adam, Nick, and Parvati

“How the heck did I get stuck stranded on an island with my ex-boyfriend,” Michele says in the preview for tonight’s episode. 

Quick deductive work by fans tells us that Wendell is Michele’s ex, so we know that they end up together. Some fans think this swap means the worst for Michele and Parvati.

“Wendell and Michele begin their Romber-Esque takeover of the game, voting out anyone and everyone on their way to first and second place,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

Although the promo shows Michele upset over being on a tribe with Wendell, that edit might be there to throw fans off the trail. Maybe the two are still friends and end up taking each other to the end like Amber and Rob Mariano. With Survivor, anything is possible. 

Fans think the second tribe might be Tony, Sarah, Yul, Sophie and Kim

Based on the “Cops R Us” storyline going on this season, fans believe that Tony and Sarah remain together. They have some hilarious antics going on, and it looks like it continues from the sneak peeks. 

“Tribe B is going to be insane with Yul/Sophie and Tony/Sarah trying to bring in Kim,” another fan added. “On the plus side, this tribe might not lose a tribal while there are 3 tribes.”

If this tribe pans out to be accurate, fans think that it will be the unstoppable tribe that makes it through to the merge without voting anyone out.

“Tribe B would make an excellent Final Five,” wrote another Redditor.

If these five players bond and make it to the merge, it would make sense that they remain together for the long haul. 

The last tribe fans predict to happen tonight at the tribe swap is Rob, Jeremy, Denise, Ben, and Sandra

Based on the drama that was brewing between Rob and Ben, fans believe they end up on the same tribe. Denise and Adam end up split up. 

“There seems to be a feud brewing between Rob and Sandra, but ironically I think the two of them would be on the bottom here,” described one fan. “I would think they would want to take out Rob first before Sandra, but I don’t think Sandra would play her idol for Rob.” 

Rob and Sandra spent time together as mentors during Survivor Season 39. However, Sandra was hurt when Rob didn’t tell her he was coming on “Winners at War.” Fans feel they could never ally because of that fact.


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“On the flip side, if Jeremy wants to keep Rob and go after Sandra, I think Sandra would be smart enough to idol Jeremy out over Ben,” continued the fan. “For the record, I think it would be smart to want to take Sandra out over Rob from Jeremy’s point of view. Rob has already lost Amber, Tyson, and Ethan. He only has Parvati. They have no idea who Sandra’s connected to on the other side.”

At this point, Sandra’s idol must be played tonight, or it is no longer in the game. It will be interesting to see if she uses it for herself or gives it to someone in her alliance. We will find out tonight at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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