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With Adam Klein’s iconic move in episode 9 of Survivor: Winners at War, fans are speculating other locations that host Jeff Probst will put an immunity idol this season. Viewers think there might already be an idol in the voting booth or somewhere at tribal council right now or in the future of the game.

[Spoiler alert: Survivor 40: Winners at War Episode 9 spoilers ahead.]

Tony Vlachos, Denise Stapley, and Adam Klein
Tony Vlachos, Denise Stapley, and Adam Klein | Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

‘Survivor: Winners at War’ Episode 9: Was there an immunity idol at tribal council?

Last week at tribal council, when Probst told the castaways that it was time to play a hidden immunity idol if they have one, Adam got up. He walked up to the podium where Probst was standing. Then he tried to grab the fleur-de-lis that is on the front of the voting podium. 

“Damn. Nothing, huh?” Adam says while pulling at it. “Not anything? Looks like maybe it was something — worth a shot. I don’t know. Maybe that was an idol?”

Both the castaways and the jury members glare at Adam, wide-eyed. Some laugh, but others want to know if the fleur-de-lis is a hidden immunity idol.

“You want to play this?” Probst asks Adam. “This thing that you can’t get off of the voting podium?” All of the jury and the castaways begin laughing at this comment from Probst.

“If that is an idol,” Probst continues. “It would be historic. The first idol ever, hidden at tribal council, in plain view of all players, selected by you and played for you.”

“That is not a hidden immunity idol,” Probst says after a long pause.

All votes cast for Adam still count, and he is devastated to be the eleventh person voted out of Survivor: Winners at War

Fans think that Jeff Probst will place an immunity idol at tribal council

“You know, after this, I wouldn’t put it past the producers from doing that now,” wrote one fan on Reddit.

Many other viewers agree that it only seems right that Probst should hide an immunity idol in the tribal council area if there isn’t one hidden there already.

“It could even happen this season still,” added another Redditor. “Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s something in the voting booth.”

Although many castaways checked the voting booth this season, the producers could add one in there at some point. 

“Now he has to do it, right?” one fan questioned. “The entertainment factor alone of another Survivor attempting it in front of everybody. I’d say it’s a done deal.”

If not this season, Probst will plant an immunity idol at tribal in ‘Survivor’ 41 or 42

“You just know Jeff is 100% hiding an idol at tribal next season,” wrote one fan on Reddit.

After the suspense and the reaction from the fans, it would be a smart move for the production to hide an immunity idol somewhere in the tribal council area in the future.


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“Raise your hand if you think there will be an idol hidden next season at tribal in plain sight,” added another fan.

Fans believe that the hidden immunity idol at tribal council move does not end with Adam. It will continue onward until someone finds a real one there. Find out if it will be this during Survivor: Winners at War on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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