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Survivor has been around for twenty years, and several long-standing fans have watched it since the first season. Therefore, they get extremely attached to individual contestants and get angry when the tribe votes them out, especially when the said contestant hasn’t played in a long time. A couple of players on Survivor 40: Winners at War have received a lot of online hate for voting out a fan-favorite.

Wendell Holland Nick Wilson
Wendell Holland, Yul Kwon, Nick Wilson, Michele Fitzgerald and Parvati Shallow | Robert Voets

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information revealed in ‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’ Episode 6.]

Nick Wilson and Wendell Holland voted out Parvati Shallow

Instead of the first two tribes winning immunity, only one won, and the others were sent to Tribal Council. Yara pulled out the win. Therefore, NuDakal and NuSele had to send someone to the Edge of Extinction.

At the NuSele tribe, Parvati Shallow and Michele Fitzgerald were in the minority as former Dakal tribemates, and close allies, Wendell Holland, Nick Wilson, and Yul Kwon sat comfortably in the majority.

Parvati spoke to Wendell, who said he would give her his vote in exchange for two fire tokens. She then spread the information to Nick in an attempt to paint Wendell as untrustworthy.

Once they got to Tribal Council, Wendell made it clear he would stab anyone in the front and back, and flatly told Parvati the offer was still “current.”

Even though it seemed Nick would turn on Wendell at the end and vote with the ladies, he didn’t, and Parvati was sent to the Edge in a 3-2 vote.

Because many people named the Micronesia winner as their favorite and were excited to see her play for the first time in a decade, they were angry that Nick and Wendell eliminated her.

Nick Wilson received hate and death threats

On Nick’s Instagram account, several fans were ruthless and called him names such as “f****t,” “trailer trash,” “disgusting,” and claimed he resembled a vampire. He attempted to respond to some of the comments and explained he had to vote her off as opposed to one of his “closest two allies.”

Other fans commented on their disappointment in Nick for eliminating Parvati, and called him “dumb” for trusting Wendell, who they believe will “flip on you in an instance.”

One Survivor viewer boldly stated they “hate” the David vs. Goliath champ because he didn’t save their favorite player. Others called him “boring,” claimed he makes them “gag,” and bashed him for not “making a move, for once.”

Former Survivor castaways, including Andrea Boehlke and co-star Davie Rickenbacker, defended Nick on Twitter and asked for the hate to stop.

‘Survivor’ Fans threw racial slurs at Wendell Holland

Several fans were upset with Wendell because of the way he treated Michele and his words at Tribal Council in addition to voting off their “queen.”

Many people called Wendell horrendous things under his most recent Instagram picture, including racial slurs. One went as far as to call him a “disgusting human being” for “yelling” at the ladies, and claimed his “mother didn’t raise you right.”

Others referred to him as a “smug a*shole,” a “gross a*s,” a “clown,” and told him they thought he performed poorly this week. Many commented on his perceived personality and called him a “d**k,” “stand-offish,” “nasty,” “cocky,” and don’t appreciate his “attitude, ego, and disrespectful behavior.”

Survivor stars, including Ron Clark, Rick Devens, and Bi Nguyen, all vouched for Wendell’s character and promised he’s not the “villain” people seem to think he is. Survivor 40: Winners at War airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.