‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’: One Castaway Leaves the Edge of Extinction Next Week — Fans Think They Know Who It is

CBS’s Survivor Winners at War is down to only 12 castaways remaining in the game. That means there are now eight people on the Edge of Extinction (EOE). Anyone on the smaller island could get back into the game through a challenge at some point, as long as they stick it out.

From the previews for episode 7, it is evident that one of the castaways on EOE raises the white flag to leave the game altogether. Fans weigh in on who they think it might be.

Edge of Extinction Shipwreck
Edge of Extinction Island Boat | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Who is on the Edge of Extinction Island after episode 6 of ‘Survivor Winners at War’?

Natalie Anderson was the first to arrive on EOE and is now in possession of four fire tokens. Amber Mariano, Danni Boatwright, and Ethan Zohn were next, in that order, and each have one fire token. Fire tokens are the currency of the castaways and may be used to purchase advantages in the game as well as comfort items. 

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Tyson was next to arrive at EOE and found one fire token by turning over rocks all over the island. He quickly used his currency to purchase a jar of peanut butter. Rob Mariano, Parvati Shallow, and Sandra Diaz-Twine are also on EOE but do not have any fire tokens, yet. 

Out of the eight individuals currently on EOE, fans are confident that Rob, Tyson, and Natalie would never wave the white flag. The other five are all in question. 

Some fans believe Parvati or Amber wave the white flag on the Edge of Extinction 

“The flag was raised at EOE in next week’s episode,” wrote one fan in the Survivor Facebook group. “CBS has left Sandra out of all the EOE promo photos for the next episode making people think it’s her, but I feel like that would just be too obvious. I personally think it’s Parv. At the time she had a baby less then a year old at home. I think she thought her chances of making it back were slim and went home to her baby girl!”

While many fans agree that it could be Parvati who leaves the game for good, others comment that she would not get to go home to her baby. Castaways who leave the game are not allowed to go back to their families because if anyone sees them, they will risk spoiling the season.

“When you leave, you don’t actually get to go home until the season is finished filming, so it doesn’t matter if they stay or leave EoE,” another fan pointed out. “They’re not going to see their kids anyway.”

Fans also added that Amber might want to leave the island so that she could at least talk to her children. 

“Yeah, you are probably right. It’s Amber,” another Facebook user commented. “They show Amber and Rob talking, and maybe they decide together that she should go home.”

Sandra leaves the Edge of Extinction in Survivor Winners at War Episode 7, according to fans

“I think it’s absolutely Sandra,” one fan added. “I think it was written into her contract. Before the season started, they said that some people wanted EOE, and some didn’t. The only way they could get her to play was if she could physically compete as little as possible. To stay on EOE, she would have to compete.”

Many other fans agree that although it is an obvious person, they believe Sandra chooses to leave the game for good. 

“Sandra seems too obvious,” another Facebook user wrote. “But I cannot think of anyone else who would raise the flag.”

As fans wrack their brains to figure out who out of the 20 winners might voluntarily leave the game, the only person they believe would do it is Sandra. 

“Sandra has been openly against the Edge twist,” commented one fan. “I also don’t think it was Parvati.”

Fans believe Sandra leaves Survivor Winners at War during episode 7 of the season. We will find out on March 25, 2020, at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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