‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’: Sandra Diaz-Twine Removes Herself From Facebook Group After Fans Bully Her for Sitting Out of Challenges

After episode 4 of Survivor 40, fans took to social media harassing Sandra Diaz-Twine for sitting on the bench for another immunity challenge. The two-time Survivor winner fought back with a lengthy post and then removed herself from the Facebook group. 

[Warning: Survivor 40: Winners at War Episode 4 spoilers ahead]

Tony Vlachos, Sophie Clarke and Sandra Diaz-Twine
Tony Vlachos, Sophie Clarke, and Sandra Diaz-Twine | Timothy Kuratek/CBS via Getty Images

How many times did Sandra Diaz-Twine sit out of a challenge on ‘Survivor 40’?

In the season premiere of Survivor Winners at WarQueen Sandra participated in the “Water Slaughter” challenge. Due to time constraints, the scene of her and Sophie battling Danni and Michele was not aired. Dakal won the challenge. 

The next challenge in the season premiere was “Blue Lagoon Bustle,” which Sandra officially sat out of. During episode 2, she worked the puzzle alongside Sophie and helped her team to defeat Sele. 

In episodes 3 & 4, Sandra sat out of both the “Along the Watch Tower,” challenge, and “Beyond the Wheel.” To date, Sandra participated in two challenges, but sat out of three.

What did fans say to Sandra Diaz-Twine on social media that was so offensive?

Although the original comments were quickly taken down by the moderators of the group, more replies flooded in since Sandra left the Facebook group. Some fans defended her emphatically.

“If a person can’t do challenges, they shouldn’t be there period,” wrote one Facebook user.

Others agreed that Sandra shouldn’t be on the show if she does not participate in the immunity challenges. 

“People were literally calling her ‘trash’— she’s a human being,” one fan countered.

However, the hate continued despite Sandra removing herself from the group with a post explaining why she sits out. The two-time winner explained that her tribe wants her to sit out because it’s what’s best for the tribe.

“You don’t even BELONG there if you can’t compete,” added another Facebook user. “Sittin’ on your lazy ass and waiting for your team to carry you along. I guess they are all out there struggling every day to give you ANOTHER two million? Idiots! But if they are SO STUPID to keep you and NOT vote your ass out–I HOPE YOU DO WIN!”

There were other comments taken down that were more hateful and offensive than even those above. Some posts were removed when Sandra left the group, but others continue to roll in.

What are the rules regarding sitting out back-to-back challenges on ‘Survivor’?

Fellow Winners at War contestant, Sarah Lacina, took to Twitter to let fans know that Sandra is not breaking any rules by sitting out multiple immunity challenges in a row. 

“The rule is you can’t sit out the reward challenge then the immunity challenge,” Sarah wrote on Twitter. “Since we are having immunity/ reward challenges, the rule doesn’t apply in this situation.”

Sarah was not the only person to defend Sandra. The moderators of the group were very upset with the members who harassed her.

“Very disappointed in many members of this group tonight,” commented an administrator of the FB group ‘Survivor 2020 – Winners at War.’ “Sandra left our group because of all the nasty comments directed at her. You don’t have to like her as a player or a person, but you should treat her (a fellow human) the same way you would want to be treated.”

Despite further requests for Sandra to be invited back into the group, she did not join again. Survivor 40: Winners at War airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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