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So far in Survivor 40: Winners at War, the voted-out castaways have bequeathed all of their fire tokens to the same player. Do they have to, or can they divide their in-game currency between multiple contestants?

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information released in ‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’ Episode 6.]

Survivor fire tokens
The Immunity Challenge is set on the Sixth episode of SURVIVOR: WINNERS AT WAR | Robert Voets

What are fire tokens?

For Survivor 40: Winners at War, a new twist has entered the game in the form of fire tokens, or in-game currency. Every player starts the game with one token and must will it, or bequeath it to someone when they are voted to the Edge of Extinction.

At the Edge, they have multiple opportunities to earn tokens by selling advantages to players still in the game or completing grueling effort tasks. Actively playing castaways earn tokens by using it as a bargaining tool or if someone bequeaths them their tokens before heading to the Edge.

They are then able to use the in-game currency to buy advantages, luxury items, or food. Additionally, players on the Edge are attempting to collect the most fire tokens so they can purchase advantages if they win their way back into the game.

The need for fire tokens on both sides creates supply and demand, which will produce an advanced Survivor economy. Initially, many viewers didn’t think the tokens were that big of a deal because no one took them seriously except for those on the Edge.

However, in Episode 6, in-game players began using fire tokens as a bargaining tool to further their game.

Fire tokens have become a bargaining tool

Realizing her immunity idol would have no power after the upcoming Tribal Council and desperate for fire tokens, two-time champ Sandra Diaz-Twine struck a deal with Denise Stapley.

Sandra, who was in the majority over Denise and her former Sele tribemate Jeremy Collins, told the Philippines winner everyone decided to vote her out that night. Therefore, Sandra offered to give Denise an immunity idol in exchange for two fire tokens.

They agreed the Pearl Islands winner would receive one fire token beforehand and another after they safely made it through Tribal Council. Denise decided to make a big move and used Sandra’s idol on herself as well as her own idol on Jeremy to effectively send the Queen to the Edge of Extinction.

On the NuSele tribe, Wendell Holland said he would vote for whoever Parvati Shallow wanted in exchange for two fire tokens. Neither of them threw out a name, and the two couldn’t get on the same page, so Parvati also ended up getting voted out of the game.

She had three fire tokens and bequeathed them all to her only ally still playing, Michele Fitzgerald.

Can castaways split their fire tokens when bequeathing?

In an interview with executive producer and showrunner Jeff Probst, EW writer Dalton Ross asked if the castaways can divide their fire tokens among multiple players when bequeathing.

According to Probst, the voted out contestants “can do whatever they want in terms of distribution.” He explained they knew the “complications posed by forcing players to bequeath their tokens” and were aware that the players “would work to earn tokens.”

However, once the contestants begin earning more tokens, they become a “bigger target” as others want the in-game currency. Therefore, it “requires great social abilities” to help orchestrate a blindside, but in a way that the voted out player will still leave you their tokens.

The way the players are now also using fire tokens as a bargaining tool adds another layer and makes the show more interesting. Survivor 40: Winners at War airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.