‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’: Tony Vlachos Ran Circles Around ‘Drained’ Tribemates in Hilarious Bonus Scene

Three-time competitor Tony Vlachos has become one of the most entertaining characters to watch on Survivor. In a hilarious bonus scene, the police officer literally ran circles around his exhausted tribemates as he had an incredible amount of energy.

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information revealed in Survivor 40: Winners at War Episode 13.]

Survivor Tony Vlachos
Tony Vlachos | CBS

Tony Vlachos controlling ‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’

46-year-old New Jersey-based police officer Tony Vlachos returned for his third time in Winners at War to compete against 19 other former Sole Survivors for a historic $2 million cash prize.

Initially placed on the Dakal tribe, the Cagayan champ put himself on “probation” and chose not to leave camp. Instead of running around looking for idols, he decided to focus on his social game.

Tony put all of his pent up energy into building a huge ladder to retrieve breadfruit for his tribemates and entertaining them. After the tribe swap, the police officer reverted to his old ways and hid in his spy shack by the water well for hours while his tribemates figured out who they wanted to send to the Edge of Extinction.

His day-one alliance with Sarah Lacina carried to the merge, and he allied with her former Yara tribemates, Sophie Clarke and Ben Driebergen. However, he sensed that his partner and the South Pacific winner were getting too close, so he blindsided Sophie with an idol in her “crotch.”

He then took out Kim Spradlin-Wolfe, who attempted to gather the troops and vote him out, as well as jury threats, Jeremy Collins and Nick Wilson. After 34 days, the police officer has never received a vote against him, won three individual immunity challenges back-to-back, and miraculously does not have anyone currently targeting him.

The police officer is currently in the best position of all his tribemates and is poised to win the game unless someone takes him out first

Tony Vlachos ran circles around ‘drained’ tribemates in bonus scene

In a deleted scene, Sarah Lacina described her and the majority of her tribemates as “zombies” because of how “drained” they are on a physical, emotional, and mental level.

Tony asked everyone where their energy level is on a scale, and they all answered around zero. Even though the police officer claimed he was at an eight, he revealed in a confessional he actually felt “like a 15.”

He doesn’t know if it’s the “lack of food” or what, but he cannot “put the brakes on” and compares his energy to a “winding toy” running all around the island.

The police officer described himself as a “suckubus” because he feels like he’s “sucking” the energy out of his tribemates and “empowering” himself with it.

According to the Cagayan champ, he becomes more energized as they increasingly get more exhausted, and he plans on keeping his foot on the gas until the end of the game.

As Tony gave his confessional, a montage played of the three-time competitor doing cartwheels on the island, opening coconuts, and breaking a bunch of firewood in the forest while his “drained” tribemates laid around camp.

The Survivor 40: Winners at War finale airs on May 13, 2020, at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.