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Survivor: Blood vs. Water champ Tyson Apostol returned for his fourth time on Winners at War to claim his second title and a historic $2 million prize. However, his likability, proven physical prowess, and strong pre-existing relationships made him a huge target. Therefore, his tribemates voted him out twice. After his second trip to the Edge of Extinction, Tyson created a few jingles to lift his fellow eliminated castaways’ spirits. He shared them in a recent Instagram Live broadcast alongside co-star Ethan Zohn.

Survivoor Tyson Apostol
Tyson Apostol | CBS

Tyson Apostol on ‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’

40-year-old Arizona-based shop owner Tyson Apostol returned for Winners at War as part of the Dakal tribe. He almost immediately became a target due to his appearance in a poker tournament alongside tribemate Kim Spradlin-Wolfe and Amber Mariano’s husband.

Instead, the tribe decided to eliminate the Robfather’s wife, sparing Tyson. Dakal then won back-to-back immunity challenges, and the four-time competitor told a few tribemates he wanted to target two-time winner Sandra Diaz-Twine.

However, Yul Kwon told the “Queen” as he wanted to keep her around for “morale” at camp. Therefore, when they finally lost an immunity challenge, Sandra immediately targeted Tyson.

Even though the majority of the tribe initially agreed they would eliminate Nick Wilson at the request of the four-time competitor, the Queen ultimately got her way, and the Blood vs. Water winner went to the Edge of Extinction.

He then won his way back in and remained under the radar for the first couple of eliminations. However, the tribe decided to vote Tyson out a second time only three Tribal Councils later after their primary target, Jeremy Collins, used his Safety Without Power advantage, becoming immune.

Tyson Apostol wrote jingles on the Edge of Extinction

In an Instagram Live with co-star Ethan Zohn, the four-time competitor shared that he made several jingles while on the Edge of Extinction to lift everyone’s spirits.

Ethan agreed and admitted that he was miserable on the Edge but looked forward to Tyson’s songs. The Africa champ inspired one of the jingles, which described how the “two worst parts of a 24-hour period are day and night.”

According to Ethan, he made a comment about how the days on the Edge are long, but the nights are longer, and the four-time competitor felt compelled to put it into a song.

The other jingle, titled “P**s Cave,” revolved around an area the castaways sought shelter in a “torrential downpour” that also served as a bathroom the producers used for the past several seasons.

Tyson Apostol Instagram Live
via Tyson Apostol Instagram Live

The two explained it smelled “terrible” and almost became unbearable when the scent mixed in with the rain. In the techno-based jingle, Tyson names several cities and then chants “p**s cave” multiple times.

The Blood vs. Water winner said he almost recorded a studio version but couldn’t due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, he promised he would record it when the stay-at-home orders are lifted.

Survivor 40: Winners at War finale airs May 13, 2020, at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.