‘Survivor’: Adam Klein Reveals That Edge Players Intentionally Left Him and Others out of the Loop: ‘It Felt Personal’

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X champ Adam Klein returned for Winners at War alongside several of his favorite former winners. However, once he arrived on the Edge of Extinction, he claims a core group on the Edge intentionally excluded him and a couple of others.

Survivor Adam Klein
Adam Klein | CBS

Peanut butter politics on the Edge of Extinction

After successfully selling an Idol Nullifier to Parvati Shallow, Edge player Tyson Apostol immediately cashed in on a large jar of chunky peanut butter.

In a May 7th Instagram Live, the Blood vs. Water champ explained he wanted to give the advantage to someone he liked as well as a player he knew had the extra fire tokens to spend.

Therefore, when Parvati got voted out that night, Tyson secretly shared his peanut butter with her. Before competing in the first re-entry challenge that he eventually won, Tyson downed nearly half the jar, consuming at least 4,000 calories, according to him.

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Parvati shared the rest of the peanut butter with ally Ethan Zohn once Tyson left and disposed of the empty jar. The Micronesia champ later bought two jars with the fire tokens she received from selling Michele Fitzgerald a 50/50 coin, and she shared it with some of her fellow Edge players.

Natalie Anderson, Rob Mariano, and his wife Amber had one jar while she, Ethan, and Danni Boatwright ate from another. They began to play “keep away” with the peanut butter from those who were eating all day, creating a game out of the snack.

However, Parvati admitted the six excluded Yul Kwon and Wendell Holland.

Adam Klein says players left him and others out

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything, a fan asked Adam Klein, who was eliminated after Wendell, about a “pact” on the Edge. He explained that Wendell, Yul, and himself were “intentionally left out in certain ways,” such as the peanut butter game and where to sleep.

Initially, Adam didn’t have a problem with it as he knows “food and info” can be “advantageous to getting back in the game.” He noted he wouldn’t “have had any issues” if all “future Edge residents” were treated the same way.

Survivor Instagram Live Parvati Shallow Tyson Apostol
via Parvati Shallow Instagram Live

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While Adam understood why the Edge players welcomed Tyson back after his second elimination, he claimed the “hypocrisy of it all emerged after Sophie and Kim” came to the Edge.

According to the Millennials vs. Gen X champ, the two recently eliminated castaways were “immediately included,” while Wendell, Yul, and himself were still excluded.

Therefore, Adam felt like the others continuing to leave them out felt “less strategic and more personal.”

Players on the Edge got mad at Yul Kwon for ‘constantly playing’

Adam continued explaining the politics on the Edge further in another post. He claimed that “most of the group” made a pact not to tell Adam “anything about how the Edge works.”

However, Yul pulled Adam aside the following morning to show him around and teach him the dynamics of the Edge. According to the Millennials vs. Gen X champ, Yul “got some ire from the other contestants” for helping Adam as they believed the old school player “was playing for jury votes.”

Then, the two went to get rice by themselves, and they talked for a while about life and family. The conversation lasted a long time, angering the other Edge contestants, namely Natalie and Parvati, as they accused Yul of “constantly playing Survivor.

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Adam thought it was “such a bad read” because the Cook Islands player “works constantly” and genuinely wanted to enjoy himself and make friends on the island.

However, Adam believes Yul “took a lot of heat” because of his pre-game alliances, “which became a hot topic at the Edge as people looked for reasons to justify why they didn’t do well in the game.”

Adam also claimed the others mistreated Yul other times while on the Edge, although that situation “was the most intense.”