‘Survivor: Ghost Island’: Stephanie Said She Wanted to Poison This Cast Member

Survivor: Ghost Island is starting to make some big moves to send people home. One of the latest ones was Stephanie Johnson who managed to trick other contestants to tell her their secrets. But there was too much bad luck to overcome.

Johnson was voted off by the Naviti five. She has since talked about how she felt about how the whole thing played out and how she felt about her fellow competitors. She even revealed which one she thought about poisoning at times and how (page 5.) She also talked about who she had her eyes on from the very beginning as threats.

Here are seven things Johnson revealed after being voted off.

1. Johnson is disappointed she didn’t get to play the game

Stephanie Johnson on the island.

She felt ready to stay and win. | CBS

There was a twist where Johnson ended up not being able to play the game at all to fight to stay. So it’s not a surprise that this is a big regret of hers.

“Well I can say that I don’t like that I didn’t get to play the game,” she told Reality Tea. “Because I didn’t get to play the game [laughs.] But I think for me, the hardest part about that was the two votes when I needed it the most, the person going to Ghost Island was no longer in use.”

She then continued, “So for me, that was the biggest disappointment from Ghost Island, is that when I needed it the most, I feel like Ghost Island let me down.”

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2. She said her kids were angry to see how it played out

Stephanie sitting on a boat with her castmates.

Stephanie Johnsons’ family wanted to see her go further in the show. | CBS

The mother wasn’t the only person frustrated to see what happened. “Obviously last night had a completely different tone and at the end of the episode I had very heartbroken, angry children,” she told Gold Derby. “But prior to last night, it’s been such a wonderful experience to share with them.”

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3. Johnson said she would vote for Donathan Hurley to win the $1 million

When asked by Gold Derby who Johnson would vote for to win the cast prize, she said, “I would vote for Libby or Donathan.” But then she doubled down with “I would probably vote for Donathan.”

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4. Johnson said she knew Kellyn Bechtold and Bradley Kleihege were the biggest threat from the beginning

Kellyn smiling while drinking water.

Stephanie could tell that Kellyn meant business. | Kelly Bechtold via Instagram

Apparently, Kellyn Bechtold and Bradley Kleihege are people Johnson knew were dangerous to her game from the beginning.

Bradley and Kellyn are definitely a power couple,” she told Reality Tea. “I knew it the minute they stepped on the beach, I have a pretty good read on people, and I could tell that they’d be running the show. They have their three minions who will do whatever they want because they’re not really there to strategize, but Kellyn and Bradley are smart.”

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5. Johnson said at times she wanted to poison Kleihege

Stephanie sitting with Bradley inside a hut.

She was often frustrated when it came to Bradley. | Bradley Kleihege via Instagram

The failed contestant revealed who she really had it out for to Entertainment Weekly.

If I’m going to be honest,” she said “I had moments where I truly was, like, taking berries and wanting to put them in his canteen and poison him because he drives me insane! But I also didn’t want to get kicked out of the game for poisoning somebody.”

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6. But she said they had good talks

Stephanie smiling and walking with her castmates.

She got along with a few members of her team. | Bradley Kleihege via Instagram

There wasn’t just bad blood between Johnson and Kleihege.

She told Entertainment Weekly, “But the one thing they didn’t show was that Bradley and I had some really intimate talks. We actually get along really well without any gameplay talk. As soon as gameplay talk started, I just wanted to strangle him because he would get so arrogant about it because he knew he was in a position of power.”

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7. Johnson wanted to work with Domenick Abbate

Domenick Abbate chopping up a bamboo plant.

She found a friend in Domenick. | Domenick Abbate via Instagram

When asked if there was anyone she wished she could have worked with she said, “Dom. I really, really wanted a chance to work with Dom, just because he was older and I saw the way he would help people out of the challenges, and he was very nurturing so I assumed he was a father.”

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