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Five years ago, Jaclyn Misch (nee Schultz) competed with her then-boyfriend, now husband Jon Mish on Survivor: Blood vs. Water, and she finished in second place.

While the couple has yet to return for another season of Survivor, they are still active in the community and are watching the current Winners at War season. In an Instagram Q&A posted after the premiere, Jaclyn revealed her one regret from the show.

Jaclyn Shultz Mish
Jaclyn Schultz | Paul Archuleta

Jaclyn Misch on ‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’

In 2014, Jaclyn Misch (nee Schultz) competed in Survivor: San Juan del Sur (Blood vs. Water) alongside her then-boyfriend, Jon Misch. The couple started on different tribes, and due to several of her tribemates flipping back and forth, she ended up on the wrong side of the vote twice.

After ten days on the island, the couple reunited in a tribe swap, and they immediately became swing votes because of the other existing pairs. At the merge, Jaclyn convinced Jon to eliminate Josh Canfield from their alliance because she didn’t think the New York-based actor viewed her as an equal.

The couple then participated in the blindside of Jeremy Collins, and his close ally, Natalie Anderson, swore to avenge him. At a different Tribal Council, she successfully advised Jon to use his idol.

When Jaclyn thanked Natalie for her advice, Jon became upset because he didn’t want her giving anyone credit for their moves. They got into another argument when Jaclyn wanted to discuss strategy, but Jon wanted to relax.

The couple ultimately made up, but Natalie blindsided Jon two Tribal Councils later. Even though Jaclyn lashed out on Natalie for her betrayal, she won the last immunity challenge and took the CrossFit coach along with Missy Payne to the Final Tribal Council.

She ended up losing to Natalie, who strategically dominated the game in a 5-2-1 vote.

Jaclyn Misch revealed her one regret from ‘Survivor’

At the Tribal Council consisting of the five remaining players, Keith Nale had immunity, and Jaclyn thought she was the next target. However, once Jeff Probst asked if anyone had an immunity idol, Natalie got up and asked Jaclyn if she voted for who Natalie told her to.

Jaclyn said yes, therefore the New Jersey-native played the idol for Jaclyn, sending Baylor Wilson to the jury. The move is considered one of the best in Survivor history and is arguably what earned Natalie the Sole Survivor title.

In a Q&A on Instagram in February 2020, Jaclyn revealed she wishes she “wrote down Natalie’s name” because then Natalie would have gone home when she played the idol for Jaclyn. In the video, Jon sat next to her and added in, “it would have been a good game move.”

‘Survivor’ fans react to her one regret

Many fans in the Survivor subreddit agreed because they expressed they believe if she would have voted for Natalie, then Jaclyn would have won that season.

One user explained that Jaclyn still would have won that last immunity challenge and then voted Keith out, leaving her against mother-daughter pair, Baylor and Missy, in the Final Tribal Council.

With those three, many fans believe Jaclyn would have pulled out the win as the mother-daughter couple often flipped throughout the game and weren’t as well-liked by the jury. Additionally, Jaclyn had a better resume than the other two.

Other users pointed out Jaclyn was “so close” to competing on the current all-winners season while many delved into theories about how Natalie would have returned for other Second Chances seasons instead.

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