‘Survivor’ Star Malcolm Freberg Shared a Story Explaining Why He’s ‘Rooting’ For Tyson Apostol To Win ‘Survivor 40’

After his first appearance on Survivor: Philippines, California-based bartender now videographer Malcolm Freberg quickly became a fan-favorite. He has since returned twice but has yet to take home the crown. Still an avid Survivor fan, Freberg revealed he’s “rooting” for Tyson Apostol to win Winners at War because of this “little gesture.”

Malcolm Freberg
Malcolm Freberg | Paul Archuleta

Tyson Apostol returned for ‘Survivor: Winners at War’

After making his Survivor debut on the 18th season, Tocantins in 2009, Tyson Apostol returned for Blood vs. Water, where he took the home the title. He then had an unlucky break in Heroes vs. Villains before returning for the 40th season, Winners at War.

The season is completely comprised of champs competing for another title and a record-breaking $2 million grand prize. After the Dakal tribe lost their first immunity challenge, Apostol immediately had a target on his back because Yul Kwon brought up a poker tournament he, Boston Rob Mariano, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe, and Jeremy Collins participated in last year.

In a clip, Apostol even told everyone at the poker table that “this would be the power alliance if we are ever back on the island together,” and Mariano agreed.

Therefore, Kwon targeted the poker alliance, and Apostol successfully diverted the attention away from him to Amber Mariano, who they eventually decided to send to the Edge of Extinction.

Even though Apostol doesn’t seem to have any close allies yet, he’s playing an excellent social game so far.

Malcolm Freberg shared why he’s ‘rooting’ for Tyson Apostol

In a story thread on Twitter, Freberg shared why he thinks Apostol is “awesome” and “rooting” for him to win Survivor 40: Winners at War. He first started by explaining that Survivor finales “are madness” because “you’re juggling CBS responsibilities, entertaining your family, meeting dozens of players from other seasons, and trying not to blow off anyone who just wants you to sign a buff” while “tipsy.”

For the Game Changers finale, Freberg invited one of his best friends from college and his wife, Kyle, “who’s been a Survivor nerd since she was a kid.” The morning after the finale, the Philippines star’s mother asked Kyle, “which three people did you enjoy meeting most?”

She answered Cook Islands fan-favorite Ozzy Lusth, another person Freberg forgot, and Apostol because “he was so nice!” Then, the California-native saw Apostol leaving the hotel, and they waved at each other.

He remembered the Blood vs. Water champ “loudly” asked across the room, “You have fun last night, Kyle?” It was a reality check for Freberg because he “failed to recognize a guy that played on the season” before his, but Apostol, “swarmed by people all night, remembered my dorky friend’s name the next day.”

The Philippine star ended by writing, “That little gesture is why I’m rooting for Tyson Apostol this season. And why Kyle has cut out pictures of Tyson’s face and taped them over her husband’s in family photos.” Watch Survivor 40: Winners at War Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS to see if Tyson Apostol takes it all.