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Cirie Fields, “the woman who got up off the couch and played Survivor,” and Parvati Shallow, leader of the dominating Black Widow Brigade, are both considered Survivor legends in their own way.

Although Fields hasn’t won a season yet, she has played a historic 121 days over the course of four unforgettable seasons. Shallow returned for Winners at War and surpassed her fellow Brigade member with the most in-game days played by a female.

Parvati Shallow
Parvati Shallow | Timothy Kuratek

Parvati Shallow on ‘‘Survivor’

In 2006, then 24-year-old California-based boxer Parvati Shallow made her Survivor debut on the 13th season, Cook Islands. Initially part of the majority, she landed in the bottom once eventual winner Yul Kwon convinced her ally, Jonathan Penner, to flip. Her tribemates voted her out in sixth place when her flirtatious nature proved to be a potential threat.

An immediate favorite among the Survivor community, Shallow returned for Micronesia three seasons later. She continued to use her flirtatious nature as a means of manipulation and joined a couple’s alliance soon into the game.

She then formed the legendary Black Widow Brigade after the merge, and they ruthlessly eliminated the men from the competition. Her ally, Amanda Kimmel, chose to take the Cook Islands star to the Final Tribal Council where Shallow won in a 5-3 vote.

The Micronesia champ returned for Heroes vs. Villains and her manipulative reputation placed her on the Villains tribe. Although initially in the minority with a massive target on her back, Shallow made several critical moves, including vital idol plays that solidified her as a Survivor legend.

However, her impressive performance didn’t impress the Jury, who gave Sandra Diaz-Twine her second win.

Cirie Fields on ‘‘Survivor’

In 2005, then 35-year-old self-proclaimed “couch potato” Cirie Fields first competed on Survivor: Panama. Although she began “scared of leaves,” she immediately put her wits to use and worked her way from the bottom to running her chaotic tribe.

At the Final Four, the smart nurse lost a fire-making challenge to her ally and was eliminated. The eventual winner, Aras Baskauskas credited Fields for helping him to get to the Final Tribal Council.

She returned for Micronesia and joined Shallow’s lethal Black Widow Brigade. Fields, Shallow, and Kimmel all planned to sit with each other at the Final Tribal Council. However, a twist forced the latter to choose one of them, and she picked Shallow, fearing the “couch potato” would win.

Fields came back for Heroes vs. Villains for a short-lived stint as a part of the Heroes tribe. Her reputation succeeded her and she was eliminated pre-merge.

Eleven years after the Panama star’s initial debut, she returned for the 34th season, Game Changers. Again, she played a great game. However, after everyone except her played Immunity Idols at a Tribal Council, Fields was eliminated in sixth place, despite receiving no votes from anyone the entire season.

Parvati Shallow surpassed Cirie Fields for in-game days played

The self-proclaimed “gangster in an Oprah suit” lasted 36 days in Panama, 38 days in Micronesia, 11 days in Heroes vs. Villains, and 36 days in Game Changers, meaning she’s played a total of 121 days over her four seasons.

Before returning for Winners at War, Shallow lasted 36 days in Cook Islands, and 39 days in both Micronesia and Heroes vs. Villains, putting her at 114 days. So far in Winners at War, the Survivor legend has lasted past Day 9, bringing her to 123 days and passed Field’s record.

The South Carolina-based nurse still holds the record of most days played without making it to a Final Tribal Council. Survivor 40: Winners at War airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.