‘Survivor’ Star Shane Powers Confirms Positive Testing for Coronavirus

Survivor: Panama (Exile Island) star Shane Powers is mostly remembered for his intense blowups and rants while suffering from nicotine withdrawals in the dysfunctional Casaya tribe. Despite alienating his allies by freaking out over his designated “stool” or furiously typing away on his “Blackberry,” the marketing executive stayed in the majority most of the game and lasted to the final five.

While he was in the running to return for the 31st season, Survivor: Cambodia (Second Chances), he did not receive enough of the fan votes to compete. Five years later, Shane revealed that he tested positive for the newly discovered coronavirus (COVID-19) in an April 12th Facebook post.

Survivor Shane Powers
Shane Powers | Bennett Raglin

Shane Powers on ‘Survivor: Panama’

In 2006, then 35-year-old Los Angeles-based marketing executive Shane Powers competed in Survivor: Panama (Season 12), also known as Exile Island. Initially placed on the tribe consisting of all the older males of the season, Shane never felt like he belonged.

Additionally, he was a heavy smoker going through nicotine withdrawals, which made his experience on the tribe worse. When the tribes merged into two, the marketing executive joined the Casaya tribe and had several breakdowns and outbursts due to the lack of nicotine.

A couple of days later, Shane admitted he wanted to quit the competition, but eventual winner Aras Baskauskas convinced him to stay and join their alliance.

The marketing executive obliged but continued to have numerous outbursts, alienating his allies. Despite the dysfunction, the tribe dominated and won the majority of the challenges, including a much-needed reward for Shane because a local gave him a couple of cigarettes.

Additionally, he reconnected with his tribemates. Casaya had the majority going into the merge, and Shane increasingly grew agitated as he still dealt with withdrawals and couldn’t win any individual immunity challenges.

Then, the tribe blindsided him and voted out Courtney Marit, an unpopular contestant Shane wanted to keep for Final Tribal Council. Later, Terry Deitz won the Loved Ones challenge and picked the marketing executive to have an overnight stay with his son.

The reward fortified the two’s alliance, and the others noticed. Therefore, they blindsided Shane at the next Tribal Council. The marketing executive cast his vote for Danielle DiLorenzo as she picked the number closest to his because he felt Terry deserved the win.

Shane Powers confirms positive testing for coronavirus

Now 49-years-old, the Survivor star revealed in a Facebook post that he tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19). Shane explained he’s unsure if he “had it and am now immunish (ish)” or if he “currently has it and will be dead in 21 days.”

Because the LA-native is “reasonably sure” it isn’t the latter, he noted that he’s “been a heavy smoker for 35 years” nor “has a great diet and this thing still didn’t kill me.”

Therefore, he believes “we’re gonna be ok.” Nonetheless, he advised his followers to “distance kiss everyone we love with notes and zooms” and promised he will keep them updated. Shane hasn’t offered any more information as of yet. Hopefully, he gets better soon.

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