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The 40th anniversary season of Survivor: Winners at War brought back a twist that many fans do not like — the Edge of Extinction island. Instead of being entirely out of the game after the castaways are voted out, they go to a more sparse island to wait for a chance to get back in the competition. This season fans feel that Parvati Shallow and Natalie Anderson are the queens of the Edge of Extinction.

[Spoiler alert: Survivor 40: Winners at War Episode 11 spoilers ahead.]

Natalie Anderson and Parvati Shallow on the Edge of Extinction
Natalie Anderson and Parvati Shallow on the Edge of Extinction Island | CBS Entertainment

What happened on the Edge of Extinction in ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ Episode 11?

Natalie and Parvati are looking for firewood when they find a wine bottle with a note inside. They decide to keep the clue between the two of them. They walk around the island and realize that the evidence suggests the advantage is underneath the bed where everyone is lying. 

Parvati distracts all of the castaways by telling them there is a beautiful sunset. She takes everyone over to the beach while Natalie searches for a medallion or scroll. She quickly finds it and runs to show Parv.

“This is an extortion advantage,” Natalie reads the scroll. “This gives you the power to block one player from participating in the next immunity challenge, and from voting at the next tribal council unless they meet your payment. You can attempt to extort as many fire tokens as you think they can pay.”

They get to work thinking about who might pay the most, or how they could mess up the game the most.

“We can really disrupt the game if we give it to someone that no one expects, and someone that we know is totally chaotic already,” Parvati says. “Someone that I think would stop at nothing to get those tokens and not sit out of a challenge or a vote. We will get paid whatever price we want.”

Why are fans calling Parvati Shallow and Natalie Fitzgerald the queens of Edge of Extinction?

Parvati and Natalie send the extortion to Tony Vlachos. He thinks it’s an advantage for him, until the very last line, “This advantage is being played against you.”

He must produce six tokens, but he only has three right now. Tree-mail comes quickly after he reads the note, and Tony scrambles to find three more tokens. He slyly approaches his fake alliance first and acquires one token from Jeremy Collins. 

Then he quickly gets another token from Nick Wilson and then Ben Driebergen. It almost seems too easy, and fans feel that the girls chose correctly.

“Nat & Parv played this perfectly,” wrote one fan on Twitter. 

Other fans agree that the two women are excellent players together. Many commented that they are the new Survivor queens.

“The Extortion Queen of Survivor who charged Michele four tokens for a 50/50 vote,” another fan tweets about Parvati. “She charged Tony 6 tokens for an ‘Advantage.’ Parvati knows how to get that coin.”

‘Survivor’ fans dream of a world in which Natalie and Parvati are still in the game together

The two women pulled off such a fantastic extortion of Tony that many fans wish the two were in an alliance together in the competition still. 

“I would like to imagine a world where these two allied at the beginning,” wrote another fan. “They didn’t vote Natalie out and were still in it, crushing this game like the superstars they are.”

Sadly, only one Survivor will return in the very last competition to get off the Edge. Although, anything is possible in the game of Survivor, as Probst likes to say. The game is always changing. 

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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