‘Survivor: Winners at War’: Fans Either Love Boston Rob or They Hate Him — Why Is He Such a Polarizing Player?

Boston Rob Mariano is stuck on the Edge of Extinction, but many fans would love to see him back in the game. Although it seems like there is an equal amount of viewers who want him to stay out of the game. Why is Rob such a polarizing player? Let’s take a look at why fans either love him, or they hate him. There does not seem to be an in-between.

Boston Rob Mariano smiling
Boston Rob Mariano | Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment

‘Survivor’ fans feel that Boston Rob is Jeff Probst’s favorite player

Many fans state that they don’t like how obvious it is that host Jeff Probst favors Rob. 

“It’s just a running joke how he is blatantly Probst’s favorite with no remote attempt to hide it,” one Reddit fan wrote

Probst often talks about how “compelling” Rob is when questioned about why Rob comes back to the show again and again. He’s a player that makes big moves, and he makes the game entertaining. Rob is the definition of making a career out of playing Survivor.

“He’s like the teacher’s favorite in school,” another fan added. “Nobody likes that kiss *ss.”

Other viewers on Reddit complain that he gets marginally more airtime on the show than any other player. Rob played in five seasons of the show and was a mentor during Survivor: Island of the Idols. He recently overtook Ozzy Lusth for most days played of any Survivor.

Why do fans love Boston Rob?

The fans in the community on Reddit tend to analyze every aspect of the game. So, some of them believe that viewers who do not engage in analysis tend to like Rob more.

“Rob is a favorite of the ‘casuals,’ the non-super fans who watch once a week and forget about it until the next week (and have never heard of r/survivor),” explained another Redditor.

However, even in the Reddit community, you find fans who love Rob and fans that hate him. 

“Also, people totally underestimate both his Redemption Island game (masterful regardless of newbies or not) and his All-Stars game (1 of the top 4 non-winning games in Survivor history along with Rob C, Fairplay and Dom and probably the best non-winning game ever).”

Some fans argue that he plays an excellent game of Survivor, while others go to lengths to analyze how he is a terrible player.

Some fans say Rob redeemed himself in fans’ eyes on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’

“I will always love him after how hard he stanned Parvati during 40,” another fan added.

Others agree that Rob was fun to watch on Survivor: Winners at War. Many will add that he is always compelling to watch.

“I never really was a fan of Rob’s, but you absolutely expressed how I feel,” responded another fan. “I really like him this season for how hard he fought for Parv. They make great allies.”

The bottom line is that Rob plays an aggressive game. He makes big moves and tries to control everything. Some people hate that. Rob also has endearing qualities about him, which fans love. With a player who is on the show so often, it is no surprise that fans have strong feelings about him. 

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. Rob is currently on the Edge of Extinction island but will have one more chance to fight to get back in the game.