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Some fans say the major shock of the penultimate episode of Survivor: Winners at War came when they saw Natalie Anderson’s massive pile of fire tokens. How did Natalie get so many fire tokens?

[Spoiler alert: Survivor 40: Winners at War Episode 13 spoilers ahead.]

Natalie Anderson and Tyson Apostol with their hidden immunity idols
Natalie Anderson and Tyson Apostol with the hidden immunity idols Natalie purchased with her fire tokens | CBS Entertainment

In ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ Episode 13, Natalie took Nick and Michele’s fire tokens

Survivor Natalie’s fire tokens were acquired fairly quickly in episode 13 of Survivor: Winners at War. The Edge of Extinction players received a clue to the whereabouts of an advantage to sell to the players still competing in the game. 

Natalie attributed her quick discovery of the advantage to the fact that she was on the island longest. She knows the ins and outs of the Edge and sprinted straight to the “Throne of Stone” described in the clue. 

“This holds power to place a disadvantage on one player in the next immunity challenge,” reads the advantage. “Sell it to any player in the game, giving them the power to use it against any player they want. You may charge as many fire tokens as you think you can get.” 

Natalie sets the price at eight and sends it to Nick Wilson, who currently has six fire tokens. He ropes in Michele Fitzgerald, and they quickly pay Natalie’s price of eight fire tokens. Nick and Michele play the disadvantage on Ben Driebergen in the next challenge.

Natalie earned 2 fire tokens in ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ Episode 12

In the “Friendly Fire” episode of Survivor, Natalie was the first to complete the coconut challenge. The Edge of Extinction inhabitants had to run to a pile of coconuts, retrieve one at a time, and bring 20 back to their shelter. 

The grueling challenge took Natalie two hours and 30 minutes to complete, but she earned two of her 14 fire tokens that way. She was on Edge longer than any other inhabitant, but still finished this competition first.

Natalie scooped up 6 tokens for her extortion of Tony Vlachos

In episode 11, Natalie discovers a bottle with a rolled-up scroll in it — it’s a disadvantage to a player still in the game. Her and Parvati Shallow decide to send the extortion to Tony Vlachos. If he does not pay Natalie six tokens by the next challenge, he won’t be able to compete or vote in the next tribal council. 

Tony only has three tokens, but he quickly acquires three more from other players in the game. Natalie kept all six of Tony’s tokens because she was the one who discovered the bottle and note. We notice in episode 13 that Parvati only has two tokens from the coconut challenge, so we know that Natalie did not share her six from Tony.

Natalie had 16 fire tokens before purchasing a jar of peanut butter for two tokens. With her remaining 14 tokens she purchased three advantages in the challenge to get back in the game — two tokens each. With her total down to eight tokens, she also bought a hidden immunity idol for Tyson Apostol — at the price of six tokens.   

Viewers will find out next week whether all of Natalie’s fire tokens help her get back in the game and win the $2 million prize. Survivor: Winners at War concludes with a three-hour season finale on May 13, 2020, at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.