‘Survivor: Winners at War’: If Natalie Anderson Wins the $2 Million Fans Are Going to Riot

Survivor: Winners at War has one episode remaining. The three-hour-long finale will include the Edge of Extinction competition for one previously voted out player to return to the game. Many fans are discussing the strong possibility of Natalie Anderson returning to the competition and winning the $2 million. Those who think it might happen are not happy about it.

[Spoiler alert: Survivor 40: Winners at War Episode 13 spoilers ahead.]

Natalie Anderson on the Edge of Extinction
Natalie Anderson on the Edge of Extinction | CBS Entertainment

How might Natalie Anderson win the $2 million prize on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’?

Natalie Anderson was the first person voted out of Survivor 40, so it is odd that she could win the game. She went to the Edge of Extinction on Day 2 but is destroying every challenge that comes her way. 

Fans are shocked she has the endurance to retrieve 20 coconuts, one-by-one, in two and a half hours while hardly eating anything for a month. 

She did not win the first challenge to get back into the game; however, there is one more competition left. Natalie bought three advantages to use in the challenge plus, she has a hidden immunity idol. The 34-year-old also purchased a jar of peanut butter for an added boost of calories in the upcoming competition.

If Natalie beats out the other Edge of Extinction players, she will be one of six left to get to the final tribal council. She will have her idol to save her from one vote-out. Then she could get in tight with the players who think they are on the bottom — Michele Fitzgerald and Denise Stapley.

Why would fans be upset if Natalie wins ‘Survivor: Winners at War’?

“If she wins the challenge and wins this season, I think this season is severely hurt,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “She has immunity so all she will have to do is win one immunity [challenge] and she’s at least in the fire-making challenge. She can win the game by being voted out first.”

During the first Survivor: Edge of Extinction, one of the returning players — Chris Underwood — won the $1 million prize. Fans were outraged that he did not play in the social aspect of the game, but came back in and won.

“I’m hoping someone without an immunity idol goes back into the game,” continued the fan. “Anyone with an immunity idol gets a free pass to the final five.”


Many other fans agree that it would not be fair for Natalie to swoop in and win the game.

“Not to mention the fact that Natalie has advantages times three because she’s been there so long,” wrote one fan. “[She has] an idol, and another idol, and peanut butter. Jeremy and Nick survive to the final six, but have to bequeath their tokens, and any shot at an advantage because they lasted longer in the game?”

A few fans have a counter-argument that ‘Survivor’ is an evolving game

“For me, I would be really content with Natalie winning, another Redditor wrote. “The game has evolved into a state where there is no one defining best player.

“I think for a season of all winners having someone come back would justify and represent what a Survivor is,” the fan continued. “There is no one best player, there are lots, and after lots of scenarios, anyone and everyone can win.”

Some fans are OK with Natalie winning the game, but the vast majority of the Survivor fan base is worried. The Survivor: Winners at War three-hour season finale will air May 13, 2020, at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.