‘Survivor: Winners at War’: Will Sandra Diaz-Twine be a Member of the Jury?

The 40th anniversary season of Survivor is coming to a close on May 13, 2020. During the 3-hour long finale episode of Survivor: Winners at War, fans will watch as the jury votes for one of the three remaining players. This season will have the largest number of jury members than ever before; however, fans want to know if Sandra Diaz-Twine will be one of them.

Sandra Diaz Twine and Jeff Probst
Sandra Diaz Twine and Jeff Probst at Tribal Council | Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

When did Sandra Diaz-Twine leave the game in ‘Survivor: Winners at War’?

Sandra is currently the only two-time winner of Survivor, calling herself the “Queen.” However, during episode 6, “Quick on the Draw,” Denise Stapley blindsided her. When Sandra decided to sell her hidden immunity idol to Denise for the price of two fire tokens, Denise took matters into her own hands. 

Denise gave Sandra one token up-front and promised to pay the second one after the vote. However, she didn’t have to sacrifice another token. Denise already had her own hidden immunity idol. After the vote, she played Sandra’s idol for herself, and then shocked the tribe by playing another idol for Jeremy. 

When the votes were read, the entire Dakal tribe had voted for Denise; however, her one vote sent a shocked Sandra to the Edge of Extinction. Once on the desolate island, Sandra immediately raised the white flag to leave the game entirely. She did not believe she could win a challenge to return, so she didn’t want to waste her time being miserable on the Edge.

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Did the queen make the right decision?

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Will Sandra be a member of the jury in ‘Survivor: Winners at War’?

In this anniversary season of Survivor, the Edge of Extinction twist was included so that players could have a chance to reenter the game after they are voted out. The producers wanted to entice previous winners into joining for an all winners season of the show, by guaranteeing that if they were voted off early, they still had a reason to stay. 

Once on the Edge, the players can find, earn, or barter for fire tokens. This new Survivor currency is then used to purchase advantages for the return competition, idols, and other comfort items such as peanut butter. These Edge of Extinction inhabitants also become members of the jury. 

“Sandra quit, so she is not on the jury,” one YouTube viewer commented. “The precedent started in Season 38 when Keith Sowell and Wendy Diaz raised the white flag on the edge of Extinction and were not seated on the jury.”

However, if a castaway chooses to leave the desolate island, they are no longer a member of the jury.

How do fans feel about the largest jury ever on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’?

“I personally can’t stand it,” commented one YouTube viewer. “Some people on the jury won’t have even played a single day of Survivor with a person that is in the final tribal. Can’t WAIT for Edge of extinction to be extinct.”

Many other viewers agree that the jury is too large. They also complain that the castaways hardly know some of the players who are still competing.

“Agreed,” another fan commented.” [There is a]16 person jury, it would’ve been 17 if Sandra did not quit!”

Find out who the full 16 jury members will be during the 3-hour season finale of Survivor: Winners at War on May 13, 2020, at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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