‘Survivor: Winners at War’: Sarah Lacina Deleted Her Twitter Account After Harassment From Fans

Season 40 of Survivor brought with it something very unique. It was the first season of all winners. Every contestant already won the $1 million prize, at least once. Many of the castaways were fan-favorites of their season, making it a very emotional 40th anniversary season.

Fans are very upset when their favorite player is voted out and they began to take it out on the other players on social media. Last week Survivor: Winners at War Sarah Lacina received so much hate that she left Twitter altogether.

Sarah Lacina at Tribal Council
Sarah Lacina at Tribal Council on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ | CBS Entertainment

[Spoiler alert: Survivor 40: Winners at War Episode 12 spoilers ahead.]

What happened on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ Episode 12 that caused backlash for Sarah Lacina?

The show started as expected. Sarah was extremely mad at Tony Vlachos for blindsiding Sophie Clarke without mentioning it to her. Sarah screamed at Tony while the other castaways listened. Then Kim Spradlin-Wolfe suggested that they work on voting out Tony since he is running the show.

Tony and Denise Stapley both won individual immunity, so his name was taken off of the chopping block, for now. Kim wanted to send Jeremy to the Edge of Extinction; however, Tony had other plans. Ben Driebergen told Tony that Kim was gunning for him, so he had to turn the tables on her.

During a crazy tribal council, he began whispering to Jeremy. Tony spread the word around the tribe to vote out Kim. He managed to rope in Sarah, Ben, Nick Wilson, and Jeremy to blindside Kim. 

Many fans picked Kim to win the ‘Survivor: Winners at War’

Fans were heartbroken when Kim was voted out on Survivor: Winners at War Episode 12. They thought she could go all the way to the end and win the $2 million.

“Kim Spradlin did everything she could, but sometimes certain people have certain inclinations,” one fan tweeted. “Let’s just say if Kim were a man, she’d be THE MAN Trademark sign. (She’s still the GOAT though.)”

However, some fans were so upset that they began leaving hateful comments and messages to Sarah, Ben, and Denise. The fans who were angry with Ben and Denise called them racist for targeting Jeremy. Other viewers were upset with Sarah for forgiving Tony so easily. 

In the end, Sarah and Ben both closed their Twitter accounts. Denise clapped back at fans on Twitter and explained that she would no longer be reading comments. 

How did fans react to ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ player, Sarah, leaving Twitter

“What the hell did y’all do to Sarah Lacina (my winner pick) and Ben?” one fan asked. “Chasing them off Twitter IS NOT entertainment. Who they are on Survivor is not them in real life. We see glimpses, but remember they are playing a game.” 

Although there are fans who are very upset that the players were harassed, it doesn’t change that it happened. For now, their accounts are closed. Hopefully, they will rejoin social media when the hype from the show blows over. 

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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