‘Survivor: Winners at War’: Tony Admits That He Didn’t Know Where People Were Getting Advantages

On last week’s episode of Survivor: Winners at War, Tony Vlachos finally found an advantage in his bag. He was so ecstatic to see the note, that the film crew caught him running through the jungle to find a spot to open it. After the episode, fans found out that Tony didn’t know where his fellow castaways were getting these advantages

[Spoiler alert: Survivor 40: Winners at War Episode 11 spoilers ahead.]

Tony Vlachos on 'Survivor: Winners at War' with his extortion note
Tony Vlachos on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ | CBS Entertainment

Where are the castaways finding these advantages on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’?

This season of Survivor includes a cast of 20 previous winners. To entice the players to return to the show, the producers added a few new stipulations. They guaranteed the contestants that they would not leave the show entirely after they were voted out. 

This agreement added the Edge of Extinction island back into the game from the 38th season. The players on this more desolate island have all been voted out, but have the chance to get back into the game during two different competitions. 

The players on the Edge also receive clues to the whereabouts of advantages. Once they find these hidden immunity idols or other bonuses, they can sell them to survivors still in the game for fire tokens. 

When Tony found his “advantage,” it was a tiny scroll rolled up in his bag. However, it turns out his note was a disadvantage — it was extortion.  

‘Survivor’ Tony Vlachos did not know where the other players were getting advantages from

Going into Survivor: Winners at War, Tony knew he could not make it evident that he was searching for idols or trying to play an excessively strategic game. 

“The second season, which I lost, I went into it fantasizing about what I should do, what I could do, what tricks up my sleeve I’m going to come out with… and it was a disaster for me,” Tony explained in an interview before the season. “So, this time around, that was my only preparation… was not to prepare.”

Tony was not kidding around about not preparing for the season. He might not have even seen Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

“Fairplay also said Tony didn’t understand how people were getting advantages and didn’t care about fire tokens, which is hilarious,” wrote one fan on Reddit about the Survivor NSFW podcast by Jonny Fairplay.

‘Survivor: Winners at War’: Tony’s fans think he wins the $2 million

“Fairplay mentions how Tony is not happy with his edit,” continued the Redditor. “He also said that Tony has a fire-making kit hidden that he takes out every night practicing making fire and trying to find idols, but they don’t show it.”

Fans commented that because Tony is not happy with his edit, they think he wins the $2 million prize.

“That should be an indication he wins,” another fan commented. “He wouldn’t be this upset about those not being shown if he lost.”

Fans find it hilarious that Tony did not know where the advantages were coming from until he received one. They also think that he might be upset about his edit because it doesn’t show how hard he worked to go on and win the game. We will find out when Survivor: Winners at War continues Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.