Sutton Stracke Shocks ‘RHOBH’ Cast – Revealing Why Erika Jayne Was a Liability Last Season

Sutton Stracke couldn’t hold back any longer in an upcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when she says that it wasn’t her – but Erika Jayne (Girardi) – who was the true cast liability.

Following Lisa Rinna’s breakdown at Dorit Kemsley’s dinner, the cast decides to move on, singing happy birthday to Kyle Richards, but then wondering if anyone else wants to get clear the air about anything else. This move, often seen on reality TV, never ends well.

During an ‘RHOBH’ dinner, Sutton says an attorney contacted her

Stracke didn’t appreciate how Jayne called her a liability to the cast and reveals why. “I didn’t really like being called a friend with liabilities,” Stracke says in a clip via Bravo. “I think of myself as a good friend. But there’s something that has happened to me that I haven’t talked to you all about. And it’s something about friends with liabilities. I did get called by an attorney about Tom and Erika’s, one of the lawsuits that you’re involved with.”

Erika Jayne puts her arm around Sutton Stracke who is looking down
Sutton Stracke, Erika Jayne, Kyle Richards |Nicole Weingart/Bravo

The women look intrigued, asking for more information and backstory about what exactly the attorney asked from Stracke. “Because the attorney thought I had information,” she teases.

Sutton says Erika was the liability to ‘RHOBH’

“I received a letter from an attorney who was involved in a lawsuit with Girardi’s,” Stracke says in a confessional. “They want information from me that I don’t even have. So whatever. I’m not getting subpoenaed. I’m not going to Chicago. I mean, Chicago’s a nice town and all.”

Stracke says the letter was not a subpoena or a deposition. But, “It wasn’t a subpoena yet because I hired a litigator to answer questions,” Stracke tells the women. Adding in a confessional, “Attorneys are not cheap. And you know, who knows that? The Girardi’s.”

Jayne blurts out that she knows what the attorney wanted. Producers flashed back to the reunion when Stracke said she heard a rumor that one of Jayne’s husband’s partners left the firm because of shady business practices.

“What I’ve learned is Erika has a lot of lawsuits in front of her. My point is more you were a liability to all of us last year,” Stracke tells Jayne in front of the group.

Was Sutton Stracke the only cast member questioning Erika Jayne?

Last year Stracke and Jayne had heated exchanges over how much the RHOBH cast would be involved in her legal issues. “That’s why you are a liability and not me!” Stracke exhaustedly exclaims to Jayne at the dinner.

But Jayne refuses her assertion. “It’s not my fault, I told you to be quiet!” she says to Stracke.

“No, you didn’t!” Stracke insists.

“Do you feel that because they targeted you, and came after you and nobody else in this group, is because you were the only one that was questioning Erika?” Kemsley wonders to Stracke.

But Garcelle Beauvais says Stracke wasn’t the only one – she’s seen asking Jayne questions about her legal mess last year. Kemsley too questioned Jayne, telling her that reading about the orphans and victims was hard. Plus, Richards also had questions for Jayne last year.

So was Jayne the liability to the group last year?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on Wednesday at 8 pm ET on Bravo.

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