‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 is Reportedly in Production, According to Fans

In 2020, Netflix was rising in developing and streaming hit K-dramas. One of its major successes was Sweet Home starring the ‘Son of Netflix’ actor Song Kang. It was a different take on gory monsters that appear overnight in an apocalyptic story. The K-drama received praise for its visual effects, storyline, and main cast. A Sweet Home Season 2 was rumored to get the green light. There have been few details of who will return, its filming start date and more.

Song Kang in 'Sweet Home' in relation to Season 2 filming a scene.
Song Kang in ‘Sweet Home’ | via Netflix

Netflix has not announced a ‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 officially

The K-drama ended on a cliffhanger that left room for a continuing storyline. The undescribable cause for humans turning into monsters is unclear by the finale. The K-drama’s leading antagonist also kidnaped Song Kang’s character. Fans feel the storyline would not make sense without Song Kang.

As of yet, Netflix has not announced a Sweet Home Season 2. Netflix is keeping details a secret until most of the filming has been completed. In October of 2021, Soompi reported industry representatives teased a second season, but the production company nor Netflix have given a confirmation.

It was reported some of the original cast members would return, like Lee Si-young and Park Gyu-young. In December, Soompi reported Song Kang’s agency publically stated the actor has not confirmed his involvement in Sweet Home Season 2. The actor has been busy starring in other K-dramas like Navillera, the mature drama Nevertheless and recently Forecasting Love and Weather.

Fans are in the dark about the second season’s possible storyline, its main cast, and everything else.

Fans speculate ‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 is already in production

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When news outlets have not reported details on a new season, leave it up to the fans. A fan on Twitter noticed a post made by Song Kang’s manager that hints at the actor’s return and Sweet Home Season 2 being in production. According to the Tweet, Song Kang’s manager posted a vague photo of his black and white vans.

It is all about the attention to detail, as the manager’s shoe has dried red residue on the soles. The photo was captioned, “it has started…” and led fans to speculate further. Fans know Sweet Home was full of blood, gore, guts, and creepy monsters. It is likely to assume Song Kang’s manager was on the set of Sweet Home Season 2 and got fake blood on his shoes. There was also a set photo and a photo of the script cover.

The speculation continues thanks to attentive fans. According to AllKPop, netizens stumbled upon what could be a Sweet Home Season 2 filming location. The netizen posted on social media explaining, “There was a broken car, and there were extras dressed as armed police. They were filming something, and I think it was Song Kang who was filming,” along with a photo.

Another netizen posted seeing filming trucks with equipment inside. The photo reveals boxes of items labeled “Sweet Home II.” A fan commented saying an acquaintance said they saw Song Kang and Lee Jin-wook on set.

Where could the new season’s storyline begin?

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Details about Sweet Home Season 2 are to be taken with a grain of salt. With Lee Si-young and Park Gyu-young reported to return, fans can guess what the new season can entail.

In the first season, fans learned Park’s character, Seo Yi-kyeong, has a bigger tie to the apocalyptic outbreak than the tenants realized. Her fiancé disappeared two days before their wedding, and flashbacks reveal he was a scientist. Once realizing the details of the outbreak, Yi-kyeong knows it has something to do with him.

In the finale, she leaves behind the survivors to join a task force to uncover the root of the problem. If Song Kang returns, his character has awoken a dangerous monster inside him and is kidnapped by the antagonist. The antagonist uses Pyeon Sang-wook’s (Lee Jin-wook) body, and they are both being hunted by the government.

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