‘Sweet Home Sextuplets:’ How Can the Waldrops Afford Nine Children?

The Waldrop family currently stars in the TLC show Sweet Home Sextuplets. The show follows the daily lives of the couple, who recently welcomed six babies after only trying for one more. But in addition to the headache of caring for six kids (plus three older boys), comes the stress of making sure the family is financially secure. What do Courtney and Eric Waldrop do for a living?

Waldrop family
The Waldrop family | The Waldrop family via Instagram

The Waldrops didn’t plan to have nine kids

It’s probably pretty easy to guess that the Waldrops didn’t set out to add six children to the three they already had. (The couple had three boys before welcoming the sextuplets). The couple wanted to have one more baby but couldn’t get pregnant. Courtney ended up going on a low dose of fertility treatment, since she wanted to get pregnant but wanted to make sure she didn’t have multiples. However, in what is known as a one in a million chance, Courtney ended up getting pregnant with six kids, and thankfully, every one of them made it to full term. While the couple was terrified to welcome so many babies, their community stood behind them to make sure they would be alright.

The town raised money to help the financial burden of the sextuplets

When word spread that Courtney and Eric were expecting sextuplets, their small Alabama town rallied around them to help take some financial pressure off the couple. The town hosted a 5k “gender reveal” party, which raised money for the couple through donations from people around town. The event centered around revealing the genders of the six children; the couple ended up having three boys and three girls. Although the 5k likely eased some of the initial expenses, it most likely didn’t make a large enough dent to last a long time.

Eric Waldrop runs a landscape design and maintenance company; Courtney Waldrop was a teacher

Eric reportedly runs a landscaping business that includes designing, remodeling, and maintaining yards. Courtney was a first grade teacher, but she gave up her job once the sextuplets were born. It’s unclear how much money Eric makes from his business, but it’s assumed he was making more than Courtney, since she is the one who decided to stop working. Regardless, the community has been a major help in creating financial security for the couple’s nine kids.

The Waldrop family had sextuplets in 2017.

The Waldrop’s friends also help the couple take care of the kids for free

Now that the family is a whopping 11, someone always needs to be around to take care of the nine children. Courtney essentially gave up her teaching job to be home with the sextuplets, but she can’t do it alone. Thankfully, on the show, plenty of her friends and others throughout the town offered to help out free of charge. There was a list of people who offered to take turns helping Courtney, though at one point she was concerned about so many different people being around such delicate babies. But the two have had a lot of help from friends and family at no additional expense, which has saved them nanny costs. It will be a long road for the couple, but with the support of their community and the money they make from their TLC show (which could be anywhere from $7,000 to $50,000 per episode), they should be able to keep the family financially secure.

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