‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Inside the Waldrops’ Gorgeous New Home

Courtney and Eric Waldrop, stars of TLC’s Sweet Home Sextuplets, have worked for months on remodeling their home to fit their nine kids. The couple, who welcomed six children back in 2017, knew their house needed a serious renovation if they wanted it to comfortably hold so many family members. Now, their remodel is nearly complete.

The Waldrop family
The Waldrop family | Courtney Waldrop via Instagram

Courtney and Eric Waldrop have been living in a temporary home for months

Courtney and Eric had three boys before they learned they were expecting sextuplets. Upon welcoming the six kids, they instantly knew their home would quickly become too small to accommodate everyone. The two debated moving into a larger house but ultimately decided they wanted to renovate their existing home.

In fall 2019, Courtney, Eric, and the kids moved into a 1,500 square-foot mobile home, which was temporarily placed on their property. The couple’s show documented the challenges that came with a family of nine living in so little space; the two could hardly fit six cribs in one room. Still, they managed to host holidays at the house, and despite the frustration of such close quarters, they were thrilled to be starting the renovation.  

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Courtney recently showed off the couple’s brand new kitchen

Since last year, Courtney and Eric have had to endure the stress of a remodel, and fans became increasingly more curious about what the couple’s new space looked like. Courtney had posted a photo of her husband packing earrings on their new kitchen island, and fans continued to ask for photos of the entire space.

In mid-July, Courtney shared a set of photos of the couple’s new kitchen. It features a massive island, which houses the dishwasher and sink. There appears to be plenty of counter and cabinet space, and the kitchen’s all-white design keeps it looking clean. The couple went for high-end, stainless steel appliances and opted for white paneling on the walls rather than a backsplash.  

The home has a rustic-meets-modern style

Courtney then posted a set of photos detailing other finished rooms in the house, though she noted that the couple’s master bedroom and bathroom were only just getting started. The home has wide-panel wood flooring, giving it a more rustic look. The flooring meets white paneling on the walls and ceiling, and the barn-style doors complete the couple’s vision of a modern farmhouse. (Courtney and Eric live on a farm in Alabama, so it’s fitting.)  

Fans have obsessed over the couple’s new home  

Once Courtney released photos, the love from fans came pouring in. The comments section was filled with kind words, including how “gorgeous” the kitchen turned out and how the couple’s time in their mobile home “was [so] worth it.”

Despite the excitement, some TLC fans couldn’t help but wonder if it would accommodate the whole family. One user suggested the couple would need more than one dishwasher for 11 people, and another person asked why the two chose white cabinetry in a home with so many kids. Still, Courtney wrote that she and Eric are “so thankful” for their new home, and nothing matters as long as it suits them.