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Fans of the OWN reality television series Welcome to Sweetie Pies are in complete shock over the arrest of Tim Norman. Norman is currently sitting in a Mississippi jail on charges of allegedly working with others in a plot to kill his own nephew, Andre Montgomery. Viewers of the show are expressing confusion over the devastating turn of events. 

(L to R) Tim Norman and Andre Montgomery
(L to R) Tim Norman and Andre Montgomery via Twitter

A recap of Andre Montgomery’s murder

Fans of the show remember the Montgomery family matriarch, Miss Robbie, moving Andre in with her to help keep the teen out of trouble. With Miss Robbie’s assistance, Andre’s transformation became viewer’s favorite to watch. He worked alongside Miss Robbie and her son, Norman, and also graduated from high school.

Source: YouTube

Sadly, Andre’s life came to a tragic end. Someone killed Andre while the aspiring rapper visited St. Louis to create music.

Miss Robbie expressed regret for Andre being in St. Louis at the time of his death, believing the city was not a good place for him after high school graduation due to the city’s violent crime rate.

The ‘Sweetie Pies’ family mourns Andre Montgomery, including Tim Norman

Miss Robbie made it clear she believed Andre’s murder was a setup. Andre received a phone call moments before his death. According to a TMZ report, Andre was staying at a hotel, which someone entered with a key and stole his belongings.

Viewers of the show remember the family’s grief, including Norman. During one episode, Norman and Miss Robbie visited the scene of Andre’s murder. Andre’s father, as well as Norman’s father, were also murdered on the same St. Louis strip.

Source: YouTube

During an OWN special, Norman stoically speaks of the senseless crime and the impact on their family. 

“Charles and I are the only boys left in this generation,” Norman says of he and his younger cousin. “We’ve lost the entire family to violence.”

Reports surface of Tim Norman’s arrest in the death of Andre Montgomery

In a shocking turn of events, Norman is currently in prison for allegedly having a role in Andre’s death. A Riverfront Times report reveals that the FBI is charging Norman and others with murder for hire.

The report alleges that two years prior to Andre’s death, Norman took out life insurance policies on his nephew totaling $450,000 life insurance. The policies reveal Norman as the sole beneficiary.

Reports also reveal Norman’s attempt to take out other policies on Andre. The other applications were flagged for including fraudulent information regarding Andre’s income and occupation.

Andre Montgomery, Miss Robbie Montgomery, and Tim Norman
Andre Montgomery, Miss Robbie Montgomery, and Tim Norman via Twitter

In the days leading up to Andre’s murder, investigators say Norman communicated with co-conspirators on burner phones, including to get Andre’s location. Moments after Andre was shot, investigators claim that Norman and others continued speaking on the burner phones. 

Four days after the murder, Norman allegedly tried cashing in on the policy, but never did so as he could not provide proper documentation.

Fans express shock over Tim Norman’s alleged connection to Andre Montgomery’s murder

Norman’s involvement in Andre’s death has fans of the show furious and devastated. Many are calling out Norman for greed and sending their love to Miss Robbie.

“My heart goes out to Ms [sic] Robbie of Sweetie Pies. She let her son pitch this reality show idea to Oprah and it destroyed her family. Tim Norman is sick to have conspired to kill his nephew for money. Tragic,” one Twitter user writes.

Others claim they are not in shock.

Source: Twitter

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“Miss Robbie was riding with him when he got out of prison. This is the heartache she will have to endure for the rest of her life #TimNorman SHAME ON YOU,” another Twitter user writes.

As of today, the Montgomery family has not released an official statement on Norman’s arrest.