‘Sweetie Pie’s’: Miss Robbie Breaks Her Silence on Tim Norman’s Arrest in His Alleged Involvement in His Nephew’s Murder

Sweetie Pie’s fans have been praying for the Montgomery family matriarch Miss Robbie after learning that her son, Tim Norman, is currently facing charges in relation to the death of Miss Robbie’s grandson, Andre Montgomery. Norman is Montgomery’s uncle.

Miss Robbie and Tim Norman
Miss Robbie and Tim Norman via Twitter

In her first statement, Miss Robbie tells a close friend that she is simply heartbroken about the alleged murder-for-hire plot

Tim Norman’s arrest in connection with the alleged murder-for-hire plot against his nephew

According to prosecutors, Norman is currently sitting in a Mississippi jail in connection to the death of his 21-year-old nephew. 

Prosecutors say two years before Montgomery’s death, Norman allegedly took out multiple life insurance policies on Montgomery totaling $450,000, which lists Norman as the sole beneficiary.

In the days leading up to Montgomery’s death, police records reveal that Norman and other co-conspirators began communicating via burner phones to find out Montgomery’s location.

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Norman allegedly tried cashing in on Montgomery’s life insurance polices a week after the murder but was denied because he could not provide adequate documentation.

All About The Tea’s interview with Tasha K alleges that Norman’s jealously and greed is to blame for his involvement, claiming Norman was in debt and was also jealous of the relationship between Miss Robbie and Montgomery. 

Miss Robbie speaks on Tim Norman’s arrest, admits she’s ‘weak’

Sources claiming to be close to the family have expressed great concern for Miss Robbie. According to a report from All About The Tea, some members believe Norman’s next intended victim was going to be his mother. 

Family members say they discovered a life insurance policy for Miss Robbie worth over $1 million. Norman is listed as the sole beneficiary. They are also investigating a series of events in which they say Miss Robbie’s life was in danger.

“Tim was drowning in debt,” the source claims. “His Jackson, Mississippi location was derailed because of Coronavirus and he owed a lot of people money. He also owes Janae thousands in back child support and he owes the IRS back taxes. Please keep our family in your prayers.”

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Bossip reports that a St. Louis journalist, April Simpson, who is close with the Montgomery family says she’s spoken to Miss Robbie.

“Life seems unreal right now, especially for people dealing with pain and heartache,” Simpson writes. “One of those people is our beloved Ms. Robbie Montgomery. I reached out to her letting her know she is loved and has an immense amount of support.”

But Simpson says Miss Robbie is simply brokenhearted and not yet ready to speak publicly. 

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“Thanks for the prayers, but at this time I’m weak and can’t make a statement,” Simpson shares on behalf of Miss Robbie.

She continues: “Please keep praying for me and my son.”