‘Sweetie Pie’s:’ Miss Robbie Posts Message Thanking Fans for Support Amid Son’s Imprisonment for Murder of Her Grandson

The family of OWN reality star, Sweetie Pie’s Tim Norman has remained relatively silent throughout his current legal battle. Norman is sitting in a Louisiana prison on charges related to his nephew’s murder. His mother, Robbie “Miss Robbie” Montgomery, is standing by her son and thanking fans of the show for their support. 

Miss Robbie and Tim Norman
Miss Robbie and Tim Norman 2013 | Maury Phillips/WireImage

Tim Norman is currently in jail on charges related to his nephew’s murder

According to prosecutors, Norman is involved in the 2016 murder of his 21-year-old nephew, Andre Montgomery. Andre is also the grandson of Miss Robbie.

Prosecutors allege that two years before Montgomery’s death, Norman took out multiple life insurance policies on Montgomery totaling $450,000. The policies reportedly list Norman as the sole beneficiary.

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In the days leading up to Montgomery’s death, police records reveal that Norman and his co-conspirators began communicating via burner phones to secure Montgomery’s location. Norman allegedly tried cashing in on Montgomery’s life insurance policies a week after Montgomery’s murder but was denied because he could not provide proper documentation.

All About The Tea’s interview with Tasha K claims that Norman’s jealously and greed is to blame for his involvement. Sources alleged that Norman was in debt and was also jealous of the relationship between Miss Robbie and Montgomery. 

A source close to Miss Robbie states she’s sticking by Tim Norman amid his arrest

Norman was arrested in Mississippi and asked a judge to be released on bail. Norman is denying any involvement and requests to be released into Miss Robbie’s custody. A judge recently denied his bail and Norman will remain in prison as he awaits trial.

Miss Robbie previously spoke to a St. Louis reporter and close friend, April Simpson, who updated fans on Miss Robbie’s state via Instagram.

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“Life seems unreal right now, especially for people dealing with pain and heartache,” Simpson writes in a post. “One of those people is our beloved Ms. Robbie Montgomery. I reached out to her letting her know she is loved and has an immense amount of support.”

All About The Tea reports that Norman’s next intended victim was Miss Robbie. Family members reportedly discovered that Norman took out a secret $1 million life insurance on his mother.

Prosecutors also allege that Norman was a suspect in his mother’s home burglary and that he and Montgomery blamed one another in the incident.  

Miss Robbie posts a heartfelt message to fans amid Tim Norman’s arrest

In an updated message to her own personal Instagram account, Miss Robbie posted a picture of her in her chef uniform with her hands formed in the shape of a heart. She captions the photo:

“I truly appreciate all the love, prayers, cards, calls, and messages, of support my family and I have received from you all. May God bless you all.”

Others close to Norman and the family are remaining mum. It’s unclear when his trial will begin, but he along with one other co-conspirator faces life in prison. The insurance agent who assisted Norman in taking out life insurance policies is also currently in prison.