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A year after Robbie Montgomery, aka Miss Robbie, asked for prayers for her family, she’s speaking out once more. The star of OWN’s Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s was blindsided when her son was arrested and charged with the unthinkable: setting up a murder-for-hire plot against her grandson. Now, Miss Robbie is explaining why she’s standing by her only son, Tim Norman

Miss Robbie and Tim Norman
Miss Robbie and Tim Norman at the 2014 Trumpet Awards | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Tim Norman allegedly orchestrated nephew’s murder to collect insurance policy

News broke in August 2020 that Norman was arrested on charges of orchestrating a murder-for-hire plot against Andre Montgomery, his nephew. Montgomery was killed in 2016 outside of a St. Louis apartment complex. He was 21 years old at the time of his death. 

Source: YouTube

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Prior to Montgomery’s death, Norman allegedly took out several life insurance policies on Montgomery, totaling over $400,000. Each policy lists Norman as the sole beneficiary. Within days of Montgomery’s murder, Norman allegedly tried cashing in on the policies. But, he was denied the funds due to not being able to provide corroborating documentation.

Police claim they tied Norman to the crime due to burner phone records and cell phone data. Two others are also charged in connection to the crime: the life insurance agent who helped Norman file the claims and a co-conspirator who Norman reportedly paid $10,000.

Miss Robbie says she’s standing by Tim Norman despite the charges

Recently, Miss Robbie spoke with Black Enterprise. The former backup singer for Ike and Tina Turner was promoting her music but took the time to update fans on the state of her family. She says she’s leaning on faith to get her through.

Source: YouTube

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“I’m believing this is going to turn out right. I’m praying,” she said regarding the tragedy. “The whole world is praying for my family. We’re just getting up every day, going day by day. It’s not a good position to be in but God put this on me and I’m handling it and I know He’s not going to let me down. So my family is dealing with all of these issues.”

Furthermore, she hints at feeling Norman has been unfairly crucified by the public. “We’re just waiting and praying for a miracle,” she adds. “After all, everyone has to realize he hasn’t been found guilty. That’s what he’s accused of so we don’t know what happened. That’s my son. I mean it’s like a marriage – ‘til death do us part. I can’t give him back. When kids get in trouble, they’re still your kids. No matter what happens, I’m still his mom and he’s got support and I’m praying my child gets out of this because like I say he hasn’t been found guilty but the world beat him up.”

Tim Norman is pleading not guilty

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Norman has pleaded not guilty. He requested to be released to Miss Robbie’s care under supervised release, but a judge denied the request. 

Initially, the death penalty was considered in Norman’s case. It’s since been taken off the table. If convicted, Norman faces life without parole. He has a lengthy rap sheet, including assault, harassment, and robbery. He previously served a 10-year sentence.