‘Sweetie Pie’s’: Prosecutors Allege Tim Norman’s Involvement in Murder-For-Hire Plot Against His Nephew Is Because Nephew Stole $200,000

Sweetie Pie’s fans are still trying to piece together why Tim Norman’s allegedly involved in his nephew’s murder. Viewers of the reality show remember Norman and his nephew, Andre Montgomery’s, tense relationship. Still, Norman’s own family find the charges against him unbelievable.

Tim Norman with cast of 'Sweetie Pie's'
Tim Norman with cast of ‘Sweetie Pie’s’ 2011 | Rick Diamond/Getty Images

At a recent hearing for Norman’s alleged co-conspirator, prosecutors claim Norman became suspicious that Montgomery stole money from his mother.

Miss Robbie’s home burglary on ‘Sweetie Pie’s’

Fans of Sweetie Pie’s recall Norman’s mother, Robbie Montgomery (aka Miss Robbie), being the victim of a home burglary. As a result of the robbery, she installed a new security system, an outdoor gate, and hired armed security to travel with her.

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All About The Tea reports to Tasha K that during the burglary, several important documents of Miss Robbie’s went missing. The documents allegedly list her financial information and also include her social security number, leaving the family in fear of identity theft. 

Tim Norman allegedly believes Andre Montgomery stole $200,000 from his mother

Miss Robbie was always of the belief that the robbery was a setup and orchestrated by someone she knows. As it turns out, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that $200,000 cash also went missing from the home and Norman believes that Andre is behind it. Andre is Miss Robbie’s grandson.

A lead detective in the case reports that Norman’s alleged accomplice claims Norman told her that he and his friends sought revenge. Norman allegedly paid the woman $10,000 to help locate Andre. 

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The two communicated via burner phones and she admits that she arranged to meet up with Andre for Norman to ambush him. She even claims that on her first attempt to organize the setup, Norman asked her to hold off because he did not have his “boys” in place.

Prosecutors say cell phone records from the burner phones prove the woman’s claims. She is insisting that she had no idea Norman wanted Andre dead and claims she pulled off after the ambush before hearing several gunshots.

Jay So Extra reports that the woman also alleges that when she told Norman she believed Andre was shot and killed, Norman told her to get rid of the phone. 

As for how the woman and Norman know one another, prosecutors say the two have a past romantic relationship.

Both Norman and the woman remain in jail. Miss Robbie is reportedly standing by her son and asking for prayers during this difficult time.