‘Sweetie Pie’s’: Tim Norman Going to Trial; Two More Plead Guilty in Murder-For-Hire Plot Against Norman’s Nephew

Former reality television star Tim Norman of OWN’s Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s is scheduled to stand trial for his alleged involvement in the murder-for-hire of his nephew Andre Montgomery. As Tim maintains his innocence, three other co-conspirators have pleaded guilty. Robbie Montgomery, aka Miss Robbie, is the mother of Tim, and Andre’s grandmother. She has vowed to support Tim through this ordeal. 

Tim Norman and Miss Robbie; Norman is facing trial in the murder for hire plot against his newphew
Tim Norman and Miss Robbie | Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Three people plead guilty to their involvement in Andre Montgomery’s murder-for-hire

Prosecutors are alleging that Tim served as the mastermind behind his nephew’s murder. NBC St. Louis reports that Travell Hill, 30, was convicted of one count of conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire. He was also charged with another count of murder-for-hire in Andre’s killing. Hill claims he was hired by Tim to execute the murder in his guilty plea. How Hill and Tim know one another is not clear. 

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In the weeks since Hill’s plea, the two others accused of being involved have also pleaded guilty. Riverfront Times reports the two other defendants, Terica Ellis and Waiel Yaghnam, both pleaded guilty to playing different roles in the murder plot. Ellis has been accused of being the one to lure Andre to the location of his murder. She says she and Tim had a romantic relationship at some point and that she knew Andre also. For her role, Ellis says that she accepted $10,000 cash from Tim, while Hill was reportedly paid a minimum of $5,000.

Yaghnam, who produced rapper Nelly’s hit single “#1,” stated in his plea agreement that in he helped Tim try to fraudulently obtain $450,000 worth of life insurance policies on Andre. Tim was listed as the sole beneficiary of the policies.

Tim Norman vows to continue fighting

Despite the other’s pleas, Tim’s lawyer notes that he and his client “fully intend to proceed to trial.” Michael Leonard added: “We fully expect the government is not going to be able to meet their burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.” He works out of the city of Chicago.

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Aside from Tim reportedly wanting to cash in on the life insurance policies he had on his nephews, prosecutors also say Andre named his uncle as a suspect in the robbery of his grandmother’s home. Tim was also said to be jealous of the close relationship Andre shared with his mother. 

“He’s a very optimistic person and looking forward to his chance to go to trial,” Leonard added of Tim. His trial begins on Sept. 6. He is charged with two counts of murder-for-hire conspiracy and two counts of wire-and-mail-fraud conspiracy. Tim previously was up against the death penalty before prosecutors opted against it.

Miss Robbie standing beside Tim Norman despite the allegations against him

While Miss Robbie remains heartbroken by the death of her grandson, it doesn’t change her love and loyalty to her son Tim. The Jasmine Brand reports that she says she will stick by his side. 

“My son is in trouble right now. But I’m his mother, and I don’t know any more about it than you, I see it when everyone else sees it, but I’m there with him to support him. That’s what mothers do until death do us part. It’s the same as a marriage…I can’t abandon him now,” she said in an interview.

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