‘Sweetie Pie’s’: Tim Norman’s Next Intended Victim Was His Mother Says Source; Norman’s Arrest in Murder-For-Hire Plot Against His Nephew

Sweetie Pie’s fans are still waiting to hear an official statement from the famous family on Tim Norman’s arrest in connection with the death of his nephew. Norman’s criminal history is lengthy, but a potential connection something so heinous is shocking for fans of the reality show. In an unbelievable turn of events, an alleged family source now claims that Norman’s next target was his own mother. 

Miss Robbie Montgomery and Tim Norman
Miss Robbie Montgomery and Tim Norman 2014 | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Tim Norman and Andre Montgomery’s relationship on ‘Sweetie Pies’s’

Norman’s mother, Miss Robbie, moved Montgomery in with her during high school to assist in helping her grandson graduate and turn his life around. While living with Miss Robbie in St. Louis, Montgomery worked alongside Norman at their family restaurant.

Viewers remember Norman’s harsh attitude toward Montgomery, most notably an incident that led to Norman’s temporary firing after Norman hit Montgomery during an argument. Norman’s excuse for his actions is that Montgomery needs discipline and structure.

Sadly, an unknown assailant murdered Montgomery in 2016. Montgomery’s family always believed his murder was a setup. The family publicly mourned on the series, including Norman.

Tim Norman’s arrest in connection with the murder of Andre Montgomery

According to a report from Riverfront Times, the FBI is charging Norman for his involvement in Montgomery’s murder. The report reveals that Norman allegedly took out life insurance policies totaling $450,000 on Montgomery two years before his murder. 

The insurance policies list Norman as the sole beneficiary in the event of Montgomery’s death. FBI investigators say phone records from Norman and other co-conspirators prove their involvement.

Source: YouTube

Norman reportedly tried cashing in on the life insurance policies a week after Montgomery’s death but was denied for failure to provide proper documentation. 

The owner of the popular blog site All About The Tea tells YouTube star Tasha K that Norman’s greed and jealousy of Montgomery is the motivation behind his involvement.

A source claims Tim Norman’s next intended victim was his mother

As if Montgomery’s death is not devastating enough, an alleged family member tells All About The Tea that Norman’s next intended target was his own mother, Miss Robbie. The source alleges that a $1 million life insurance policy on Miss Robbie links Norman to another potential plot.

Source: YouTube

‘Sweetie Pies’ Fans Are Shocked at Tim Norman’s Arrest in Connection With the Alleged Murder-For-Hire Plot To Kill His Nephew

“Tim has a life insurance policy on Ms. Robbie, worth more than a million dollars,” the family source claims. “Tim was drowning in debt. His Jackson, Mississippi location was derailed because of Coronavirus and he owed a lot of people money. He also owes Janae thousands in back child support and he owes back taxes. Please keep our family in your prayers.”

Monica from All About The Tea also reveals in her interview with Tasha K that she and Norman struck up a friendship in 2016, not too long after Montgomery’s death. She alleges that Norman has leaked stories to her site over the years and has been very open with her about issues in his family.