Sydney Sweeney Has Control of Cassie’s Nude Scenes: ‘I Make Every Decision’

Sydney Sweeney was definitely a standout in Euphoria Season 2. While her character certainly had an arc in season 1, the sophomore season put Cassie Howard front and center. Cassie’s willingness to sabotage her relationships with everyone in her life for the sake of a romance with Nate Jacobs certainly threw viewers for a loop. But many fans were also thrown by the number of nude scenes involving Cassie.

Euphoria actor Sydney Sweeney
‘Euphoria’ star Sydney Sweeney | Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV

Some ‘Euphoria’ fans were concerned with the number of nude scenes Sydney Sweeney had

Much of Cassie’s storyline centers around how much she’s oversexualized and how she’s treated, and often exploited by men. However, some fans began to question if Sweeney herself was being taken advantage of for the show. Many people wondered why she was one of the only main cast members who consistently has nude scenes. Furthermore, they questioned why the show’s creator, Sam Levinson, felt the need to have so much nudity in a show about high school students.

The Marvel star revealed that Sam Levinson initially wrote even more nude scenes for Cassie Howard

Sweeney may have unintentionally added fuel to the fire while speaking about Euphoria in an interview. She shared that Levinson had initially written even more nude scenes for Cassie. However, when she shared with him that she didn’t think it was necessary for her to be naked in those scenes, he agreed to let her film them clothed.

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Eventually, Sweeney clarified her statements, saying things were taken out of context. She explained that she always felt safe on Euphoria’s set and she never felt Cassie’s nude scenes weren’t necessary. However, some people were still alarmed by the number of nude scenes Levinson originally wanted to have in Euphoria Season 2. This alarm only continued when Sweeney’s co-stars, Chloe Cherry and Minka Kelly, shared that Levinson had initially written the very first scenes they performed to be filmed nude as well.

Sweeney shares that she has agency on the set of ‘Euphoria’

While Sweeney admits that she appreciates people expressing concern for her, she’s reiterated many times that she’s safe of Euphoria’s set. In fact, in a recent interview with Shadow and Act, the actor-producer revealed that she has a ton of agency over Cassie’s nudity.

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“I have seen people who were exploited by these scenes, but I make every decision,” Sweeney shared about Cassie’s nude scenes. “I have every right to say yes or no, do it or not do it, and if I didn’t want to do it, I wouldn’t do it. I think that for Cassie’s story and Cassie’s character, her scenes and her moments of intimacy are important to her development and who she is, and that’s what I find important. I think that if it’s in the benefit of the character, then that’s what I’m after. I’m here to live somebody else’s life.”

Sweeney’s statements certainly seem to show that she has some agency over what her character does. It’ll be interesting to see if the discourse around Euphoria’s nudity encourages Levinson to go in a different direction for season 3. Only time will tell.

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