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When the cast and crew of Euphoria were filming the first season, they knew were on to something special. However, they couldn’t predict how wildly popular the show would become. Almost overnight, the show racked up millions of viewers and inspired fashion and makeup trends. Suddenly actors like Sydney Sweeney and Alexa Demie were becoming household names. The show even garnered some A-list fans, including one Leonardo DiCaprio.

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney smiles in a black and white dress
‘Euphoria’ star Sydney Sweeney | Rich Polk/E! Entertainment/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Leonardo DiCaprio revealed that he loved ‘Euphoria’

Back in 2019, Variety asked DiCaprio about the TV shows he was watching at the time. “I just saw Euphoria, which is amazing,” the Oscar-winner declared. “That show is amazing.” Naturally, the cast was thrilled to have the praise of one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Zendaya even retweeted his response on her Twitter page. Furthermore, Sweeney revealed that the cast was quietly freaking out about DiCaprio’s remark amongst themselves.

Sydney Sweeney reveals how the ‘Euphoria’ cast reacted to DiCaprio’s praise

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sweeney revealed her reaction to learning that DiCaprio loved Euphoria. Apparently, The Players Table producer was overcome with giggles when she learned what the Titanic star said about her show. A long-time fan of DiCaprio’s, she was thrilled when she got to work with him on Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood. However, when he name-dropped her show, she was still pretty shocked.

“I couldn’t stop laughing, I was like, ‘This is so cool!'” Sweeney explained. “I’ve always been a big fan of Leo, so getting to work with him was crazy awesome, but then to be on the same red carpet for the same movie and then he’s saying my show is amazing, I’m like, ‘What is happening right now?’ The whole cast was talking about it and freaking out in our group chat, and then Barbie [Ferreira, who plays Kat on Euphoria] made a shirt of the quote that Leo said and made it for all of us. So we all have a shirt that says it now.”

‘The Players Table’ star wanted to work with DiCaprio from a very young age

And Sweeney isn’t overstating her admiration for DiCaprio and his work. Back in 2018, in a separate interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she was asked who about who she’d love to work with in the future that she hadn’t got to work with yet. “Leonardo DiCaprio,” Sweeney answered easily. “No question. I know that one 100% dreamt, always wanted.”


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It wasn’t long after that interview that Sweeney’s dream came true. Not only did she get to work with DiCaprio, but she was cast alongside a bevy of other star names also. Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino, and other well-known actors were also in Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood. In an interview with Coveteur, the Sharp Objects alum got candid about what her experience was like working on that film.

Sweeney shared what it was like to join the ‘Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood’ cast

“You know when you dream of working with these incredible actors, and you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s going to take me years to get this off [my] bucket list,’ and all of a sudden you walk into set and every single person on that list is there?” Sweeney questioned. “Once [Upon a Time in Hollywood] was that.”

Clearly, Sweeney enjoyed getting to work with DiCaprio and her other castmates. Only time will tell if DiCaprio gives Euphoria another shoutout for season 2.