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With the Emmys just hours away, there is plenty of buzz about Euphoria. The popular HBO show is up for 16 nominations this evening, with four of the show’s actors contending for a golden trophy. Among them is Sydney Sweeney, who portrays Cassie Howard in the show. Sweeney received a ton of attention from fans and critics alike for her performance in the show’s sophomore season. However, some people also expressed concern for the 25-year-old.

Emmy nominated actor Sydney Sweeney at the Venice International Film Festival
Sydney Sweeney | Franco Origlia/Getty Images

‘Euphoria’ has been criticized for its frequent nudity and sex scenes

Though Euphoria is one of HBO’s most popular shows to date, the show has received its fair share of criticism. One main critique is that the nudity and sex scenes in the show are gratuitous. Given that the show centers around teenage characters, many people wonder why Sam Levinson (the show’s writer, director, and creator) feels the need to put such an emphasis on sex and nudity.

Sydney Sweeney was supposed to have even more nude scenes

Sweeney often found herself at the center of the discussion. Fans noted that her character, Cassie, seems to have far more nude scenes and sex scenes than the average character. Furthermore, the Washington native sparked additional discourse when she revealed that she was initially supposed to have even more nude scenes in Euphoria Season 2. However, after she told Levinson that she felt some of them were unnecessary, he allowed her to perform them clothed.

For her part, Sweeney maintains that she always feels comfortable on the set of Euphoria. Not only does she approve of everything she does, but she also has an intimacy coordinator advocating for her. The intimacy coordinator choreographs all the scenes in which nudity or sex takes place. “It’s so technical,” Sweeney shared with NET-A-PORTER about the sex scenes, likening the experience to a dance.

Sweeney reveals that some of her ‘Euphoria’ sex scenes look worse on screen

Because filming the sex scenes is so technical, Sweeney admits that she’s sometimes taken aback by the final result. According to The Players Table producer, she sometimes manages to surprise herself when she’s watching Euphoria back. “Sometimes, I’ll watch a scene after it airs and go, ‘Holy s***, I don’t even remember doing that – this looks way worse than it was!'”


Inside Sydney Sweeney’s Historic Multimillion-Dollar House in Westwood

The Emmy-nominated actor has a unique preparation process

Sweeney has been candid about dissociating while filming in the past. This seems to be a symptom of her meticulous acting process. Sweeney creates entire worlds for her characters, dreaming up every memory and personality trait. Thus, when the director calls action, she’s able to leave herself behind and react only as her character would. However, when the director calls cut, the Euphoria actor is right back to being herself. Thus far, it appears this process has served Sweeney well. After all, she is a double Emmy nominee this year.