Sydney Sweeney on Filming Nude Scenes: ‘So Not Romantic’

While nude scenes in movies and TV shows can seem sexy or romantic to viewers, filming them is often anything but. Nude scenes usually require tons of choreography on the part of the actors and, in many ways, they are far more technical than fully-clothed scenes. So what are actors really feeling when they have to shoot said intimate scenes? Sydney Sweeney recently gave fans a look into what it’s like for her to film scenes sans clothing.

Sweeney has certainly been making a name for herself in Hollywood over the past few years. In the span of one year, the Washington native managed to star in The Handmaid’s Tale, Everything Sucks! and Sharp Objects. Recently, however, her roles in Euphoria and The White Lotus have fans sitting up and taking notice. She has been championed for her ability to create interesting and nuanced characters.

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Sydney Sweeney on what it’s really like to film nude scenes

Some of Sweeney’s most recent work has required some intimate scenes. In both seasons of Euphoria, Sweeney had a number of partially nude scenes. Meanwhile, her role in The Voyeurs required her to be topless also. But what was it like for the actor to bear all on camera? In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the producer got candid about shooting scenes where nudity is required.

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“I’m so disconnected from it,” Sweeney admitted. “When I get tagged in Cassie’s or Pippa from The Voyeurs’ nudes, it feels like me looking at their nudes, not Sydney’s nudes. When you film one of these scenes, it is so technical and so not romantic. There are people staring at you, there’s pads between you, there’s nipple covers and weird sticker thongs all up in your butt.”

The actor had access to an intimacy coordinator for ‘Euphoria’ and ‘The Voyeurs’

Part of the reason that Sweeney’s nude scenes in Euphoria and The Voyeurs felt so technical was because of the presence of an intimacy coordinator. An intimacy coordinator carefully choreographs every intimate scene and gets granular about how it will play out. They also make sure that all actors feel comfortable with what is happening. Sweeney worked with her first intimacy coordinator, Amanda Blumenthal, on Euphoria. She then ensured that Blumenthal was hired on The Voyeurs to help make her experience a safe one.

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Sweeney has been candid about the fact that she felt safe and comfortable filming nude scenes in both The Voyeurs and Euphoria. Unfortunately, Sweeney has had other experiences filming intimate scenes where she didn’t feel comfortable. In an interview, with the Independent, Sweeney recalled a time when a director didn’t fully communicate what would be required of her and then refused to change the script.

Sweeney had poor experiences filming intimate scenes

“I’ve had experiences where I want to go home and scrub myself completely raw because I feel disgusting,” Sweeney recalled. “I didn’t feel comfortable with my castmate or the crew, and I just didn’t feel like my character would be doing it. That made me even more self-conscious. I didn’t feel like I was able to speak up.”

It’s unfortunate that Sweeney has had some unpleasant experiences. However, hopefully, she can continue to have intimacy coordinators who help advocate for her when she’s shooting nude scenes.

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