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To anyone who has been paying attention, Sydney Sweeney has really been hitting her stride in the past couple of years. A breakout star of Euphoria, the Washington native has ensnared fans from Gen Z. However, she’s becoming a favorite of the industry also. Sweeney has starred in hit shows like Sharp Objects, The Handmaid’s Tale, and, most recently, The White Lotus. She’s also starred alongside A-list actors in films like Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.

Euphoria cast member Sydney Sweeney arrives to 'The White Lotus' premiere in Los Angeles in a white dress
Sydney Sweeney | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Sweeney recently made it clear that acting is only the tip of the iceberg for her. Not only is she pursuing a degree in business, but she also used her spare time during the pandemic to start her own production company. Despite her young age, Sweeney has founded Fifty-Fifty Films and already has one pretty high-profile project under her belt. The Euphoria star is set to produce and star in The Players Table alongside her good friend Halsey which will debut on HBO.

Sydney Sweeney began pursuing acting at a very young age

It may seem as if Sweeney has found a ton of her success overnight, but the actor has been working diligently for years. In fact, the producer began pursuing acting when she was just a child. Having put together a presentation for her parents, she convinced them to relocate from Spokane, Washington to Los Angeles in pursuit of her dreams. Naturally, this transition wasn’t always easy for Sweeney or her family. In fact, the Sharp Objects alum often felt pressure to succeed in her career to prove to herself that her family’s sacrifices weren’t in vain.

Moving to Los Angeles was tough on the ‘Euphoria’ star and her family

Like any actor, Sweeney received her fair share of rejection early on in her career and it took a toll on her. In an interview with SBJCT Journal, she got candid about the early days of her acting journey. “The first few years in LA were actually really hard on my family,” the movie star shared. “It’s way more expensive than where we are from, and that was difficult, and there’s about a million other girls that had the same dream who were always prettier or better than me… I wasn’t super confident as a preteen/teen so I’d feel defeated quite often.”

Sweeney is glad she didn’t find success in her teens

But even though the constant stream of rejection was tough on Sweeney, she’s happy that she didn’t achieve her success early on. As a young adult, Sweeney has more confidence and is more in touch with who she is as a person and as an actor.


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“I think I’m glad that I didn’t hit my success as a teen or child because I wouldn’t have been ready or as confident in myself as I am today,” the Euphoria actor shared. “I was in front of more casting cameras than actual cameras growing up, and as much as I loved it and learned so much from that, it tears you down as a teen girl. You get told ‘no’ so many times, and then add on top just being a teen girl in itself and discovering who you are is its own thing.” Clearly, Sweeney’s success is happening at the perfect time for her. We know her fans are looking forward to seeing what else she has up her sleeves.