Sydney Sweeney on the Hardest Part of Her Newfound Fame

If you don’t know who Sydney Sweeney is yet, chances are you will in due time. The actor is certainly a star on the rise. Currently, the Washington native is giving a buzzworthy performance in Euphoria Season 2. However, Sweeney has starred in a number of other hit shows also. Her ever-growing resume includes The Handmaid’s Tale, The White Lotus, Sharp Objects, and a host of movies also.

Sweeney’s popularity is growing with each passing day. Her Instagram following has grown by the millions over the last few weeks. More people are championing her acting prowess and looking forward to seeing what she does next. But just how is The Players Table producer handling her newfound fame?

movie star Sydney Sweeney wears a pink dress and a rep lip
Sydney Sweeney | Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic

Sydney Sweeney is pretty shy in real life

Though Sweeney has portrayed some very bold characters, in her everyday life, she has a pretty shy personality. The Voyeurs star has shared that she often feels more comfortable in her character’s skin rather than her own. Still, despite her reserved demeanor, Sweeney seems to be adjusting to fame well. It certainly helps that she’s a homebody who doesn’t venture out much for non-work-related things.

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The movie star has trouble knowing who her real friends are

Of course, there have been some challenging aspects of fame for Sweeney. One of the biggest pain points is finding like-minded people to befriend. Thanks to her busy work schedule and her celebrity, Sweeney has struggled with understanding who her friends are. In an interview with NYLON, the movie star revealed that it’s the most difficult part of fame.

“To be honest, knowing who your true friends are,” Sweeney revealed when pressed about the challenges of her celebrity. “I don’t know if that falls along the same lines, but it’s definitely also a part of growing up… But it’s a little different when you have more eyes on you and you’re working. Or if you’re living a different life than others. Like, you lose friends, you learn some are fake friends. I think that’s been one of my challenges right now. It’s kind of lonely because I’m traveling all over. I’m never in the same place for too long, and you make the most amazing friends on one set, and then you go to another, and you start all over again, and it’s lonely sometimes.”

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Sweeney has bonded with Maude Apatow and her family

Making friends might be hard for Sweeney, but she’s still managed to do so. And two of her closest friends have a deep understanding of what it’s like to be famous. Sweeney has gotten very close with her fellow actor and Euphoria co-star, Maude Apatow, and her family. “She’s like the sister I never had,” Sweeney shared about Apatow in an interview with Elite Daily. “[Her sister] Iris is awesome, her dad is hilarious, I love them all. It feels like a real home.”

The ‘Euphoria’ star is also good friends with Halsey

Sweeney has found another famous friend and a fellow collaborator in Halsey. The two developed a fast friendship after working together on the music video for Halsey’s song “Graveyard”. The pair hang out together, have fun photoshoots, and go on hikes. And, they plan to act alongside each other in The Players Table. It may be challenging for Sweeney to know who her real friends are, but at least she has a couple of them that she can be sure of.

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