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Professionally, it’s been a great year for Sydney Sweeney. In addition to booking an under-wraps role in Sony’s Madame Web, the actor has given standout performances on TV. Her portrayal of Cassie Howard on Euphoria and Olivia Mossbacher on The White Lotus earned her no small amount of attention. Recently, she received TV’s highest honor and became Emmy nominated for not one, but both, buzzworthy roles.

Double Emmy nominee Sydney Sweeney looks over her shoulder
Sydney Sweeney | Leon Bennett/FilmMagic

Sydney Sweeney cried on the phone with her mom when she learned of her Emmy nomination for ‘Euphoria’

Naturally, Sweeney had an emotional response to her Emmy nod. In fact, she shared her touching reaction to the news with her 14.1 million Instagram followers. In the video, Sweeney is seen crying on the phone while she is curled up in the front seat of a car. The Players Table producer seems to be overcome with emotions for receiving such a prestigious nomination.

Interestingly enough, when Sweeney recorded her tearful video, she only knew about one of her Emmy nominations. In an interview with IndieWire, the MMA fighter revealed that she would learn about her nomination for The White Lotus after she got off the phone with her mom.

‘The White Lotus’ actor initially had no clue that she was double Emmy nominated

“My mom only knew about ‘Euphoria,’” Sweeney revealed. “And then I took another call, and they were like ‘Double nominee.’ I was like, ‘Double nominee, what do you mean?’ And I looked it up. I was like, ‘Oh my god. This is crazy.’”


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Now, over a month after being double Emmy nominated, Sweeney still seems to be processing her good fortune. Considering, that she’s been working for this moment for over a decade, the Sharp Objects alum seems to be in disbelief about the amount of success that she’s accumulated.

The Marvel star admits to being a bit starstruck by her competition

“I’m constantly still starstruck and can’t believe this life is real because for years and years and years, I dreamt and worked so hard in the hopes of being able to just have one line in a scene with somebody like that,” Sweeney shared of the performers she’s nominated alongside. “So being able to be in a category where I’m nominated amongst incredible dream actresses of mine, I will still forever be starstruck.”

Sweeney will celebrate a new age while at the Emmys

Continuing on, Sweeney shared that it probably won’t hit her until she’s at the Emmys. But no matter what happens that night, the actor will have something to celebrate. The day of the ceremony actually marks Sweeney’s 25th birthday. “I don’t think that it’ll feel real until I’m actually at the Emmys,” Sweeney shared. “And it’s actually my birthday also, so it’ll be just a great day all the way around, no matter what.”