Sydney Sweeney Reveals She Grew Up ‘Not Taking Showers’

Syndey Sweeney’s glamorous Hollywood life is a far cry from the way she grew up. Though she recently put roots down in Los Angeles, she actually hails from a much smaller town. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Sweeney calls Spokane, Washington home. The actor admits that she had a very unique childhood, which she still misses despite her steadily-increasing success.

Sydney Sweeney at the Red Sox game
Sydney Sweeney | Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Where is Sydney Sweeney from?

Though Sweeney is native to Spokane, she also has strong ties to Idaho as well. The Players Table producer grew up right along the border of the Gem state. This sparked her love of the great outdoors. Sweeney has done her fair share of outdoor sports and has the injuries to prove it. “I grew up on a lake on the border of Washington and Idaho,” Sweeney shared with V Magazine. “I slalom ski, I wakeboard, I hike and rock climb.”

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While Sweeney was bullied quite a bit growing up, she always had deep ties to her family. She was particularly close to her cousins, who shared her love for nature. While speaking with the Associated Press, the Emmy-nominated actor got candid about the way in which she and her cousins were raised. She also shared how amazing it felt to treat her cousins to an Amalfi coast vacation.

“We grew up bumming on the lake and not taking showers and no TV and no internet,” Sweeney explained. “A lot of my family, we did not come from much of anything, and being able to give them a little slice of this world, that’s what means the most to me. Those are the biggest pinch-me moments.”

Sweeney reflects on life in her hometown

In a separate conversation with the Independent, Sweeney commented on the unique lifestyle that Spokane fostered. “It’s a different way of life out there,” Sweeney explained. “It’s very simple. Family is everything. I was in every single sport possible. I was on the soccer team, the baseball team, the snow slalom ski team, I was wakeboarding.”


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It seems that the “simple” life on the border of Washington and Idaho may have fostered Sweeney’s love of acting. Since she didn’t have access to TV or the Internet, she was encouraged to rely on her own imagination for entertainment. She made up imaginary worlds in her own backyard, often pretending to be a spy. So, when Sweeney learned that there was a career that would pay her to live imaginary lives, she jumped at the opportunity. Creating a PowerPoint presentation, she convinced her parents to let her audition for an indie film. And, over 10 years later, Sweeney finally feels she has the career she’s always dreamed about.