Sydney Sweeney Still Reads Instagram Comments; Here’s Why

Sydney Sweeney always seems to know what the public is saying about her. A month ago, the Euphoria actor received backlash on Instagram and Twitter after posting photos from her mom’s surprise birthday bash. Photos from the event showed Sweeney posing with a man donning a Blue Lives Matter T-Shirt. Other party attendees wore MAGA-inspired hats. It didn’t take Sweeney long to respond to the criticism via Twitter, which ultimately led to even more conversation around the event.

Sydney Sweeney at the Venice International Film Festival
Sydney Sweeney | Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Many people were surprised that Sweeney reacted so quickly after she issued a Twitter statement that asked people to stop making assumptions. However, this wasn’t the first time that Sweeney reacted quickly when she found herself trending on Twitter. Fans will recall that in May of 2021, she hopped on Instagram live with a tearful plea after some people on Twitter called her “ugly.”

‘The White Lotus’ actor once revealed that she read all of her Instagram comments

Perhaps the reason that Sweeney seems to reply so quickly is that she stays on top of social media comments made about her. Earlier in her career, she shared that she read every, single, comment from fans. And it seems that she still continues to read many of her social media comments despite her rising fame. Of course, now that The Players Table producer is more famous, more people are commenting on her life, and they’re not always fans.

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So why does she continue to read her Instagram comments and Twitter mentions? For Sweeney, it seems to boil down to sheer curiosity. While speaking with The Guardian, The White Lotus actor got candid about the choice to continue reading up about herself.

Why Sweeney still reads up about herself online

“Everyone will always say ‘don’t read anything,’ and we’ll say we don’t read anything, but to be honest, of course I do,” Sweeney explained. “It’s hard not to. I wish that I didn’t, but I’m a person, I’m a human being, I have thoughts and feelings and emotions, and I’m curious to know what people think.”

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Sweeney was candid about the fact that her curiosity has led to hurt feelings sometimes. While she can deal with critiques of her characters, she finds personal criticism a bit harder to swallow. This is especially true since the actor-producer has set personal boundaries with Twitter and Instagram. According to the MMA fighter, what her millions of fans see on her curated social media pages isn’t really her.

The ‘Euphoria’ actor has a hard time reading harsh criticism about herself

“When they’re talking about characters, they’re truly talking about Pippa or Cassie or Olivia, but it’s hard when they turn it to Syd,” Sweeney explained. “I never actually put Syd out there; no one really knows Syd.” We’re sure fans of Sweeney understand why she feels the need to read up about herself. However, if her popularity continues to rise, it might be helpful if she limited comments on Instagram or found alternative ways to protect her peace.

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