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If you’re judging Sydney Sweeney solely by her characters, then you might be surprised to learn about her hobbies. Sweeney is, of course, passionate about acting and the entertainment industry, but she has plenty of other interests as well. Since the Euphoria star grew up in the Pacific Northwest, she developed a deep love of nature and outdoor sports at a very young age.

sports enthusiast Sydney Sweeney in a black dress.
Sydney Sweeney | Presley Ann/Getty Images for LACMA

Sydney Sweeney played a ton of sports growing up

Sweeney hails from Spokane, Washington, and spent her formative years on the border of Washington and Idaho. The Sharp Objects alum recalls her childhood as a magical time. She was involved in numerous sports including wakeboarding, mixed martial arts, an all-boys soccer team, hiking, baseball, dirt biking, skiing, and more. And because The Players Table producer was so active, she sustained quite a few injuries in her childhood.

The MMA fighter has sustained quite a few injuries over the years

One of Sweeney’s most intense injuries occurred when she was only 11. She was wakeboarding when she hit her head and had to be rushed to the emergency room. In an interview with Independent, the Once Upon a Hollywood star recalled the painful accident.

“My face hit the bottom spin of the board and sliced open, next to my left eye,” Sweeney shared. “I had 19 stitches. I was so terrified of getting back on my board afterwards. But the moment my stitches came out, my mom took me back to the lake, told me to get into the water with my board, and would not let me out until I stood up on it.”

But her wakeboarding accident was far from the last sports injury that Sweeney would sustain. At 15, she experienced another injury while riding a dirt bike. In an interview with Teen Vogue, Sweeney explained that she flew over the handlebars whilst in the midst of a jump. The crash caused her to tear her knee in two places. She also had to sport a brace from her ankle to her hip for eight months in order for it to fully heal.

Sweeney ended up with a broken toe after filming the ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 finale

Perhaps Sweeney’s experiences with sports injuries allowed her to cope better with injuries she experienced on set. While shooting the season finale of Euphoria, Alexa Demie accidentally squashed Sweeney’s toe and broke it in two places. But Sweeney didn’t even tell Demie about the injury. Instead, she simply went to the emergency room and came back in time for the Euphoria Season 2 wrap party.

Sweeney has a deep love for the great outdoors

Thanks to her acting career, Sweeney isn’t always able to engage in some of the more extreme sports. However, she makes it a point to be as active as she possibly can. In addition to walking her dog, Tank, every day, she prioritizes the opportunity to be in nature.


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“I feel at home when I’m out on a hike or in the water,” Sweeney told SBJCT Journal. “If there’s a tree I will most likely try to climb it, or if someone says ‘you can’t climb that rock’ I will probably be at the top of that rock within minutes. There’s such a thrill with going on adventures and pushing yourself physically and mentally. I was lucky to have grown up in the Pacific North West where we have access to such beautiful land to hike and explore, so I try to do that wherever I am.”