Sydney Sweeney’s Nana Had the Best Comments About the Met Gala

Though Sydney Sweeney keeps a lot of her personal life private, she has cited the importance of family a time or twenty. The actor-producer grew up with her cousins and has maintained close relationships with them despite her busy schedule. Furthermore, she tries to share the more luxurious parts of her life with her family whenever she can. Whether it’s hosting her cousins at her new home for Christmas or flying her grandmother to Paris for a Balmain fashion show, the Euphoria star loves to treat her family to unique experiences.

Sydney Sweeney dances on the red carpet of her first Met Gala
Sydney Sweeney | Alexi Rosenfeld/GC Images

Sydney Sweeney is very close to both of her grandmothers

Sweeney is particularly close to her grandmothers. The Players Table producer is fortunate enough to have both her paternal and maternal grandmother in her life. Both women seem very supportive of Sweeney’s career. After seeing her work in Euphoria, and getting a peek at some of her risqué scenes, they exclaimed that she had the “best tits in Hollywood.” Furthermore, both women were featured extras in The Voyeurs (an erotic thriller starring Sweeney) and walked the red carpet with her.

‘The White Lotus’ star’s grandma had no idea what the Met Gala was

One of Sweeney’s grandmothers even made a vocal cameo in a recent video that she did with Vogue. While the 24-year-old is on her way to her very first Met Gala, she gets a call from her nana. “Hi Nana!” Sweeney exclaims. “Hi, sweetheart how are you doing?” the actor’s grandmother asks. “I’m good,” Sweeney replies. “I’m in the van heading to the Met Gala.” To which Sweeney’s grandma asks “What’s that.”

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‘The Players Table’ producer didn’t know what the Met Gala was until she started acting

Naturally, Sweeney and her stylist, Molly Dickson, were amused that the Madame Web star’s grandmother had no clue what the Met Gala was. The pair immediately were beside themselves with giggles. However, Sweeney herself didn’t know what the event was until she began acting professionally. The actor grew up in Spokane, on the border of Washington and Idaho, so she wasn’t privy to exclusive fashion events growing up.

“I’m gonna be completely honest, I had no idea what The Met was until I started acting,” Sweeney explained earlier in the video.”I grew up in a small town. So I had no idea what The Met Gala was.” Later in the video, Sweeney did her best to explain the event to her grandmother. But the actor’s nana wasn’t done with her hilarious quips just yet.

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Sweeney’s Nana made a hilarious comment about her dress

“It’s a really beautiful event where people go and they honor fashion, and it’s themed different every year,” Sweeney shared, explaining the event. “And we all wear like big, huge dresses. I’ll send you pictures, Nana. It’s a little tight in the van.” Citing Sweeney’s corset top, her nana had a hilarious response. “A little tight top too.”

Clearly, Sweeney isn’t the only one with comedic timing in her family. Maybe the next time that the actor heads to the Met Gala, her nana can provide even more commentary.

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