SZA Just Showed off Her Natural Hair and It’s Stunning

SZA is known for her melodic vocals and her stunning fashion sense. Known for her fluffy hair and her legendary album debut album CTRL, the alternative R&B artist is always a vibe. Though SZA loves to share new music and styles with her fans, she’s extremely private when it comes to her personal life.

Unless she is sharing details about her life in her music, she is not one to put her business out there for public consumption. Therefore, she was less than amused when Drake revealed that they’d dated a decade ago.

Still, as private as SZA is, she does connect with her fans in her own subtle way. She just revealed her stunning natural hair on Instagram, and fans can’t get over how breathtaking it is.

SZA grins at the Met Gala
SZA | Dia Dipasupil/WireImage

SZA does not love fame

SZA’s given name is Solána Imani Rowe. The New Jersey-born singer began garnering recognition in 2012, and she worked tirelessly delivering EPs and other singles until her 2017 album debut, CTRL. As much as the “Good Days” singer adores music, she is not here for fame.

Though she appeared on the March 2020 cover of Rolling Stone with Megan Thee Stallion and Normani, the “Hit Different” singer tweeted, “Not doing any videos Interviews or photos for the rest of my life lol don’t ask.”

Since the cover was absolutely stunning, fans were confused by SZA’s declaration. However, the singer/songwriter cleared the air by saying she has social anxiety and that fame doesn’t always sit well with her.

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SZA is an entertainer and an environmentalist

While she is not one to stand in the spotlight, SZA isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. In addition to singing, SZA is on an environmentalist mission. According to Elle, she’s determined to save the oceans.

Though she desperately wants to be vegan, her allergens have prevented her from making the change.  “Sad cus I wanna go vegan but I’m allergic to most fruits n vegetables,” she tweeted in 2017.

In addition to fruits and veggies, SZA also must be very cautious about spices, dairy, nuts, and beans. However, she’s found other ways to give back with organizations fighting for sustainability. 

SZA just showed off her natural hair

Though she can’t be vegan, and she’s not one to interact with her fans on a super personal level, SZA just showed off her natural hair, and fans are begging her to dish her routine.

The “Drew Barrymore” singer showcased her silked-pressed hair natural hair. Her stylist Whitney Eaddy had pulled back her gorgeous tresses into a sleek ponytail.

SZA captioned the photo, “One time for the 4c Gorls” referencing her 4C natural hair texture. Eaddy also showed off the photo. “Her NATURAL hair is thriving,” Eaddy wrote on Instagram. “Getting to know you & your crown has been a pleasure.”

Eaddy revealed that SZA has been focused on the health of her hair since 2019. She also revealed that the singer uses Juices And Botanics products on her hair and that she used the Black-owned brand EapHeat to straighten SZA’s ponytail.